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  1. dazzylogic

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    You know how when you buy a new mascara, the brush isn't in the canister but instead they have this other little capper deal? It's a little plastic cap with a short wand-type thing. The wand isn't long enough to get into even half the bottle but it'll do for awhile (and in a pinch, as I discovered.) I just rinse and clean it off after every use, and it works perfectly :]
  2. dazzylogic

    Mad Sweeney

    Barrel-aged whiskey and oak. The smell of whiskey is so strong in the bottle, it makes me want to go to the nearest pub and slug back a few. However, once on me, it quickly dies down and I get another woodsy smell. I couldn't pin it until I visited this forum and some people said it seemed like woodsmoke. I'm inclined to agree; it's like sitting in front of a fireplace. I'm getting a sort of sweetness from this too; oddly enough, I want to say it's like maple syrup! It may be the combination of whiskey and woodsmoke with my skin chemistry, but it's definitely akin to maple syrup. I wonder if anyone else is getting that. Altogether, I really like it. It's a sweet, comfortable scent.