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    Favorite BPAL: Snake Oil, Spellbound, O, Zombi, Persephone, Aureus Favorite smells: rose, amber, pipe tobacco, night blooming jasmine, tuberose, bread baking, wet wood, cigarettes, frangipani, incense, spice cake, sun-warmed beach skin, currants, fresh mint, sleeping kitten fur, sweet scalded milk, campfires, night scented stock

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  1. autumn24


    At first I was worried because it immediately went bug-spray on me, with a powerful splash of lemon, but then a soft, fresh-cut slightly crisp applishness arrived, bringing with it the soft, delirium-inducing heavy-scented deep pink rose. This scent went all fizzy in my nostrils, and now smells of summertime and of sparkling tonic water with a scoop of sorbet. Quite intoxicating.
  2. autumn24

    Rose Cross

    A dark, pure, wet rose with the sacred, hollow smell of church incense behind it. Something about it is VERY reminiscent of Spellbound, but where Spellbound is pure dirty sex, this rose is pure holy knowledge. Roses at an altar, swathed in high, clear resin smoke -- this scent is untouchable and mysterious.
  3. autumn24


    Cream tea with sugared vanilla that melts with the natural smell of warm, bare skin. Truly this is one of Beth's greatest accomplishments. This scent inspires gentle neck-nibbling, to be sure...
  4. autumn24

    Pink Moon 2005

    MMmm.... Pink Moon starts off with a big BANG! Of bright pink syrupy sweetness: a bit bubblegummy, but this phase is like a big girly giggle that quickly evaporates into something a bit more mellow. What I get next is instanteous ticklish PHLOX, and I'm so happy about this because I adore the pink, powdering POOF of phlox. It is girlie, it is pink, but it is softly rounded with a hint of spice. Pretty much the perfect scent for a bright spring day.
  5. autumn24

    Ice Queen

    This is beautiful: it starts off with a whallop of strong, cold pine backed by refrigerated citrus fruits-- then it all becomes more subtle and complex: all icy, creamy fruits, if that combination is at all possible. Sweet, thin musks combined with blue blue pine boughs, a gust of winter air, backed by a breath of crystalline flowers. All of it warms up and remains chill, but soft and remote... as if the very Ice Queen herself, appearing cold and distant, starts to warm up to you, and approaches you sweetly and kindly.
  6. autumn24

    Kweku Anansi

    BLECK!!! Pickles! Pickles and burnt rubber! Okay... please ignore me, vetiver just doesn't work that well on me. Reading the other people's descriptions of this scent, however, does warm me up to the scent quite a bit... it's definitely woody-- like you've got your nose in a board, there's lots of dark, dry earth around... almost like you're at a construction site and there's nothing but the skeletal frame of a house being built, and dark, empty corners. It's a VERY evocative scent, and highly unusual. **** I have since revised my opinion of this one because it's been about 2 hours since I applied it, and now it smells GREAT. It mellowed and sweetned up a bit, and now it smells of sweet, dry wood, as if shafts of sunlight found their way somehow through the slats in those boards, warming them just enough to release their kinder scent...
  7. autumn24


    I clearly have to wear Wolfsbane sparingly-- it made me INCREDIBLY HORNY immediately after applying. Holy crappers. Rather than rice pudding, on me it smells like a peppery, wild straggly rose, with a toss of herbs all strewn about. When it mellows, the rose is slightly honeyed, but it also feels like there is something furred and feral about it. I think I'm weird.
  8. autumn24


    It is a bright, bright scent, like hot pink neon and red and bright yellow with cherry blossoms swaying in a clear wind. An orchid rides in your hair, as you eat juicy fistfuls of fuji apple and persimmon.
  9. autumn24


    Whoa! This one smells strongly of cinnamon when first applied-- very much in the vein of Three Witches. As it mellows, there is a soft background aroma of vanilla cake, ginger, allspice, and perhaps a shot of rum. It is definitely a spicy, hot scent, perfect for the colder months.
  10. autumn24

    Sudha Segara

    Sudha Segara is like a cross between Dana O'Shee and Alice, and Queen of Sheba. The milk and honey makes this light, yet creamy, but the ginger provides a little hot bite. The ambrosial blend is a languorous, creamy floral. Wearing this blend is like much like backfloating in a pool of milk, blissed out on much Valium, with the scent of vanilla and ginger blossoms in the air. Sweetly lovely, but mysterious and indescribable as well.
  11. autumn24

    India Bouquet

    Amazing. Just like poking around in an Indian market, and plunging your hands into great big baskets of spices-- fennel, anise, curry, coriander. Like eating samosas and caraway fritters, and freshening your breath after the meal with anise seeds. Potent, licoricey, sweet, and deeply exotic.
  12. autumn24

    La Petite Mort

    Le Petit Mort is all the bare-skinned, honeycream treacle of O, but without the baby powder after-effect. Feels like slightly flushed, kissed skin, and has a hazy cocoa-ness to it. Lovely and sexual.
  13. autumn24


    A hot, damp breath over spicy orange, waxy, creamy tropical flowers that are just starting to decay and wilt from the heat. The air is so stagnant, the smoke from far-off incense hangs in the air. This scent sticks to your skin and blends with summer body perfectly.
  14. autumn24


    The gorgeous exotic waxiness of an orchid, blended perfectly with warm vanilla sugar. Sweet and creamy.
  15. autumn24


    I fell in love with this scent immediately after I read that it contained all night-blooming flowers. There's something inscrutably mysterious about this batch of blossoms, and everyone is right-- this scent is so perfectly blended, it is like the clean silk of a pale petal reflected in the moonlight-- flawless. The sugary phlox presence is perhaps most compelling and prominent to me, soft, almost apple-blossom-y, but cool and remote. A touch of powder, creaminess, and moisture. Perfect.