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  1. Ele

    What Scent Is This?

    As far as my limited knowledge goes: yes (please correct me if I'm wrong here - I have always wondered a bit why the lab uses both terms when it's apparently the same oil/scent). To my nose it's a very fresh/bright, citrus-y flower scent.
  2. Ele

    What Scent Is This?

    This might not be helpful, but your description of both the colour and the scent of the oil does sound like neither Makhanitis nor Khrysee to me - it reminds me more of my bottle of Melainis: the oil has a brownish colour and the scent once it has dried is definitely delightfully spicy/resiny/woody. Could there have been even more mis-labeling than you have already suspected? On the other hand the wet oil smells nothing even near of soapy or floral, it's a rather strong and distinct teak-note.