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  1. I have certainly not tried all but of what I have tried Western Diamondback is head and shoulders above any of the others. I am in . I also have and enjoy Death Adder (it is more of a heavy scent but my skin is vetiver friendly), Green Tree Viper is a crisp and fresh mint goodness, Asp Viper (an overgenerous frimp from a great forumite) is a sweet almondy blend, and Banded Sea smells something of a more typical cologne plus snake oil to me. I am hoping to my hands on some of the other blends to try too. I will most certainly be attempting to get another WD though as I do not see anything else beating it.
  2. The problem with this scale is that it only listed the number of total reviews. 64 may have reviewed King Cobra with 30 of them being "blech, I hate it". Where as all 52 that reviewed Cottonmouth may have fallen in love. Ya know?
  3. simplyfunjhose


    I have heard the same thing about broccoli... I've heard that the reason kids don't like broccoli for the most part is that it's a strong tasting vegetable and their taste buds are sensitive. As we age, our taste buds deaden so we don't find it tastes the same. Me, I really don't love cooked broccoli. Raw is fine. And don't put cauliflower anywhere near me. Blargh. So yes, this means I am NOT hoping for an April Fool's Scent of Cilantro, Broccoli and Cauliflower with a smidgen of over cooked cabbage.... GAH. OOOOHHHHH! A cilantro scent to represent St. Pat's Day would be perfect! Maybe with a boozy undertone in the background of a deep ale or lager? YUM
  4. I'd try midway and jailbait for sure! I'm sure there are others but those are two that came to mind almost instantly. I'll edit later or post again as I remember more. I like to smell edible myself.
  5. simplyfunjhose


    Thanks, I'll be sure to avoid that. If you find something remotely cilantroish please let me know and I'll do the same. It seems we might be the minority here.
  6. simplyfunjhose


    Thanks for the reply. I checked out the links and unfortunately it seems that most are smelling the corriander in the more common scents. Corriander to me is way different than cilantro although they do come from the same plant. I am after that cilantro that no one else seems to be fond of. It looks like spooky or star might be my best bet. I am certain they are far too elusive for me though. I guess I can cross my fingers and hold my tongue just right that someday..... edit to add: You are amazing with the search thing on this forum. I have a hard time with just finding a name let alone as specific as you were. Thanks!
  7. simplyfunjhose


    any ideas? I love, love, love cilantro and think it would be a great scent fresh for spring/summer. Anybody? Thanks!
  8. simplyfunjhose

    Love's Philosophy

    Does this smell exactly like midway to anyone besides me? I just received a midway res in a swap and I swear I have nearly the same scent in Love's Philosophy....anybody else?
  9. simplyfunjhose

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Any GC that reminds you of Butterflies and Plovers? Looking for a good orange/citrus and patchouli combo. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the move to the appropriate place. I did search for orange and came up with nada. I also searched patchouli but found nothing with orange. I didn't search citrus though and lo and behold....sorry.
  11. I love the orange, tangerine, mandarin, patchouli mix in butterflies and lovers. Hoping to find a GC that might fit the bill too. Any citrus really mixes well with patchouli but I haven't found any others with the combo. Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks! plovers...oops
  12. I know in food, lotion, etc that is how it works....just wondering if the lab follows the same prototcol so I'd know which is the "heaviest" scent in a blend. Ya know? Thanks!
  13. simplyfunjhose

    Snow White

    ok, I just tried this scent and while it is indeed lovely...it is very light on me and hardly sniffable unless nose to wrist. Does anyone else find an amazing likeness to snowcake from LUSH? Or is it just me and my untrained nose?
  14. simplyfunjhose

    What is Chaos Theory?

    If so, when? Also: How much are they? How many do you usually buy? It sounds like such an intriguing idea!!!
  15. My 3 yr. old gets car sick and I'm hoping to find something other than meds to help her on trips.....any testimonials here? Ever grateful, Jill