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    I like fragrances with depth, but nothing very heavy or dark Bergamot, tangerine, lemon, cinnamon, black currant, pomegranate, lemon verbena, vanilla, rose, gardenia, and milk (with spices). My favorite BPAL fragrances so far are Chimera, The Peacock Queen, Pumpkin III 2008, and Litha 2009.

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    Artist trading cards, art journaling, book arts, scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, board games, RPGs, astronomy, waterfalls, and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!
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  1. MaidMirawyn


    I received this imp with my Dragon*Con purchase. It is definitely not for me, since Eve hates my skin chemistry with a passion! In the vial, it's sweet and fresh, with a fruity-floral fragrance. Despite the description, there's a distinct apple note, rather than apple blossom. Very lovely. However, it all goes wrong the moment it touches my skin. It's powdery, cloying, and sickly sweet. On my skin, it resembles nothing so much as an expensive chemical-laden department store perfume. No fruit, no sweet honey. So sad! The imp is going in my giveaway box. Perhaps I can find a BPAL-ignorant friend for whom it is a good fit.
  2. MaidMirawyn

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I apply my oils behind each ear, then to my left wrist. Since it would take a bit of juggling (switching the bottle and wand between hands), I then lightly rub my wrists together. The rubbing has the bonus of speeding up drying time, so I don't have to worry about oil transfer to my clothes, cats, or husband. (He smells much better wearing Troll or Brown Jenkins, not Chimera or Love's Philosophy.) Oh good! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one disturbed by fragrance imbalance! Thanks for verifying! I'm not a chemistry person, but when I was still a physics major I *did* take a lot of chemistry classes with the chem majors, and I certainly never heard anything like that! Here's my theory on the whole thing: someone somehow decided you should treat the oils delicately. It evolved into "oil smashing". They told other people. The internet happened. Now the universe believes it.
  3. Frankly, when I hear "Mrs. Norris," the first thing that comes to mind is "Hellcat." Granted, the scent notes aren't right, but doesn't it suit her to a T? Many pumpkin patch scents would work for HP, too. Hagrid's pumpkin patch, the yearly Halloween celebration, not to mention the ubiquitous pumpkin juice! And as for The Lady on the Grey, it would also work for The Grey Lady. (Yes, I'm being obvious.) But since she's the Ravenclaw house ghost (and has that other Ravenclaw association), that makes it a good choice for Luna, too! I still need to pick a good Hufflepuff perfume. I'm going to contemplate it while I iron my uniform and polish my wand.
  4. MaidMirawyn


    Even with the evergreen-heavy scent description, I had to get an imp of Jabberwocky. I mean, it's JABBERWOCKY! 'Twas brillig and all that! I had forgotten the scent notes by the time I actually gotten around to trying it, though. Upon application, the evergreen scent is far stronger than I expected. I could barely detect the orange. So, it's a no for me, but my husband has agreed to try it out.
  5. MaidMirawyn


    I tried this at the Georgia Will Call. It's green and a bit juicy, but with an earthy note to ground it. Wet, the earthiness is barely perceptible, but it develops into something well-rounded as it dries.
  6. MaidMirawyn


    As befitting its inspiration, Dia goes on light and stays light. Upon application, you can detect the amber and musk, but it's a subtle sharpness. The coconut, moss, and tobacco flower slowly appear through the sharper notes, gradually taking center stage. Over the next few hours, the amber and musk notes disappear, leaving behind soft, shimmering flowers.
  7. MaidMirawyn

    Ol' Roswell Cemetery

    I can't believe it took so long for someone to start a thread; I looked for one when I got home, but wasn't willing to be a thread starter! In the bottle, all I got was dirt. But on the skin? The first few minutes were mostly dirt, but then it changed. The florals came out, but they aren't cloying. It's light, with the earthy support from the dirt note. I can't single out individual flowers, but that suits the blend. It's not like the Roswell Cemetery is a neatly planted garden with carefully tended beds kept within borders! Even this morning, I can catch whiffs of it from its spot in the crook of my elbow! Wish I had bought two bottles. I'm so grateful to Lisa, Beth, and everyone else at the Lab and Lisa's store for their hard work in giving us such a wonderful Will Call scent and experience!
  8. MaidMirawyn

    The Witch Queen

    This one is rather unusual on me. I get florals, but a touch of powder, too. I'm hoping the powder fades soon...
  9. MaidMirawyn


    Clean, fresh fruits, laid out for a picnic in a dew-kissed, flower-strewn meadow. Gorgeous! Innocent but not naive; there is a note that gives it a touch of depth. I can detect most of the notes, but they blend so well. I feel worry-free!
  10. MaidMirawyn

    The Magi

    Wow. Apparently my experience is very different from many people's... Of all the BPAL scents I've tried, The Magi smells the most like "perfume." It is definitely a traditional scent, due in measure to the frankincense, I'm sure. However, it's still not an everyday commercial perfume. It's what so many commercial perfumes try to be, but fall short in the attempt. It's rich with incense, grounded. The scent is ancient yet fresh, as if it were a recipe that had been handed down through the ages and had taken on a life of its own. Breathtaking.
  11. MaidMirawyn

    Pumpkin II (2008)

    I received the Pumpkin Patch for Christmas from my husband's parents, who had no idea what it was, but were game to buy me the thing I wanted most! Today, I tried Pumpkin II. I didn't have time to check the scent notes before leaving for church, so I had no idea what to expect when I put it on. In the bottle, it smells very similar to Love's Philosophy (at least to me), which is cream and vanilla. I would guess that's the pumpkin and the tonka, since I don't see a cream or milk note. Wet, my first whiff is much the same, but with a sharper, deeper undernote. It must be the leather (an unfamiliar note in perfume) or the musk, or both. Within seconds, it changes: the wood and musk come forward, while the pumpkin and tonka recede to almost nothing. Once dry, it's wonderfully blended, but it smells nothing like I expected! It's musky with a hint of leather, but with a strong creamy, buttery base.
  12. MaidMirawyn

    Two, Five & Seven

    I love this one. It came as a frimp from a decant circle (thanks, dpoulsen21), and it was on my wishlist. It never ceases to amaze me how different all the rose fragrances are. This is different than the other rose scents, especially The Peacock Queen. Unlike Peacock Queen's bold roses, this is greener, with a definite herbal background. But it's still roses, for sure. Softer, more modern roses, not full-bodied heady roses. Beautiful. Though I have NO idea why my husband said it made him think of SweeTarts!
  13. MaidMirawyn

    Katrina van Tassel

    Katrina von Tassel is a wonderfully innocent fragrance. The rose isn't a lush red rose; it's a soft, innocent, blush rose. It's feminine and almost demure, except for the layer of sweetness and the hint of depth from the cream. Very lovely, and quite different from the bold and decidedly more sensual Peacock Queen, my only other rose fragrance.
  14. MaidMirawyn

    Sticky Pillowcase

    I tried this one last night at the Whole Foods; it wasn't what I expected! It's complex, even though it was quite sweet. I didn't smell the strawberry or the candy corn in particular, but the scent was subtly different from a straight sugar scent. I really enjoyed it, but I doubt I'll buy it; my husband said it was only "okay." What does HE know? maybe I'll get a decant...
  15. MaidMirawyn


    To sum it up: Spicy, rich, warm, and slightly sweet, with a touch of sensual smokiness. I can smell the cassia and pomegranate faintly, but all the notes blend very well. My husband REALLY loves this one on me!