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  1. Julilla Regina

    Miskatonic University

    ... The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls. This is very foody on me. Extremely rich and sweet coffee. There isn't a boozy note at all on me, just coffee and thick, brown caramel. It does dry down a little dusty, which is a bit odd, but not unpleasant. It's just thoroughly yummy on me. After about nine hours of wearing it, my SO snuggled up to my neck and said "You smell like syrup."
  2. Julilla Regina


    This is fun! I don't get the apple that most get, in fact, I kind of wish there was more apple on me. What I do get it very very sweet, thick caramel, very dark brown, with just a bit of burnt sugar. It's definitely not the burnt sugar of sugar skull. It's just barely there. It's awesome!
  3. Julilla Regina

    The Brides of Dracula

    Even though I fear the amber, I ordered this because of the honey and the musk which sounded so good. Unfortunately, none of the honey or the musk ever shows up on me. Instead I got powder (ugh, the amber curse!) and extremely, super, uber Floral which stabbed my nose. I think my chemistry took the flowers and ran to the florist's shop in the middle of the flower field. Didn't work for me, personally, but it smells beautiful in the bottle, and it's obviously something that works great on most BPALers.
  4. Julilla Regina

    The Phantom Calliope

    For me this didn't work out so well. I'm very bummed, because I loooove cherries, too! But there was something in this that really caused a burning sensation on my wrists. I'm not sensitive to very much at all and wear cinnamon blends without a problem, so I'm not sure what was going on.
  5. Julilla Regina

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Yes, Chocolate Snow White! I love Snow White! I love chocolate! OMG, this is so delicious on me, I wish I could bathe in it. I've already reapplied about three times, because I want it stronger, stronger, stronger so everyone can sniff with delight.
  6. Julilla Regina

    Eat Me

    I am truly bummed about this one. I wanted cake and berries! But I've found out the sad truth is that red musk goes absolutely bonkers on my skin and wipes everything else out. So while it is a nice red musk, it's gone pure Smut on me, which smells good, but it's just not me, I'm afraid. I wish I could carry red musk better than I do. I like it, but it gets too strong on me, I think.
  7. Julilla Regina

    Why do scents turn to baby powder on me?!

    Yes, I too have what I call "The Amber Curse". There is no cure for me, I'm afraid, except avoiding everything that has amber in it. Sometimes I'll get a bit of a surprise on something that doesn't list amber as an ingredient, yet seems to have some anyway. For me, amber in any scent turns *entirely* to baby powder, so that no other note is discernible. I feel your pain. I would second the recommendations for Kali though, it's complex and sexy as hell.
  8. Julilla Regina

    Antique Lace

    So suddenly I'm all about vanilla, I guess. I had to try this one. I am glad to report that the "powdery" part of this isn't amber. Huzzah! On me, it's a gentle musky vanilla. It stays very true from the bottle to my skin and during wear. There does seem to be some tiny bit of floral, but it's really negligible to my nose. It is very pretty on its own, but I think the layering possibilities with this one are pretty damned infinite. Hurray!
  9. Julilla Regina


    I tried this yesterday at the Will Call, and I'm glad I have a bottle on the way. It went on very dark and musky, almost so dark that I was really afraid it wasn't going to work out. Because whatever that "dark" is, it's pure, adulterated skank-ho, and I mean that in the best of ways. It just might not be for everyone, know what I mean? After an hour, it smoothed into a medium dark, sweet sexy thang. This is definitely a horny woman's scent. No cowering virgins or maidenly Alice here. Two strange men approached me while waiting for the Red Line, one of them a man much younger than me, another much older. I am convinced they smelled teh Smut, because it's been awhile since I was approached by *two* strangers within five minutes. Heh. So, maybe if you take public transportation and want to wear teh Smut, bring some pepper spray too...just in case!
  10. Julilla Regina


    I was totally looking forward to some waterlilly from this one, but my skin did not feel like cooperating with my wish. I think I'm falling into that "jasmine amper" category, because that is all I'm getting out of this. I wish I had the skin chemistry for this one, because it is really beautiful in the imp, just not on me.
  11. Julilla Regina

    Shadow Witch Orchid

    I really like this one a lot. There's something about orchids. It really smoothed out on my skin once I had put it on. It's light, yet very grown up. It's a little sweet without being candy-ish. This is definitely a very "I'm a woman, and oh so very sexy *and* posh" kind of fragrance. If you're into florals, go for this one, it's really lovely!
  12. Julilla Regina


    I wish this had worked for me the way it did for others. Unfortunately, it made me a little queasy it was so thick smelling. I didn't get the blood orange or anything, just very sweet syrupy fruit. I'm wondering if the fruity scents just don't work for me.
  13. Julilla Regina

    Pink Phoenix

    This one doesn't work well with my skin chemistry, I am afraid. It goes rather sickly on me, and I like sweet scents generally. So sad about this one.
  14. Julilla Regina

    The Peacock Queen

    It's hard to add to all of the reviews that say "Rose!", I mean it's a screeching Valkyrie wail of a rose. I love it, but my skin is eating it like mad and taunting me. Fantastic, gorgeous.
  15. Julilla Regina


    Hearth 2005 hates me so much. I don't know why it's being such a big jerk, but it is. It smells yummy and good in the bottle. Like all the things everyone else has said, nutty, sugary, buttery with a hint of pine. On me it has turned into the scent of roasted turkey skin rubbed with sage butter. Huh?! What is happening?! I really love Turkey Day, don't get me wrong. But I don't want to smell like a savory Butterball. So so sad about this. I want new chemistry! Why can't I be like everyone else? ::::runs away to cry:::::