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  1. GalaxyLei

    Splatter Comedy

    This is the first banana scent I've ever smelled that actually reminds me of bananas--in fact, it is dead-on banana cream pie, exactly as it says--warm, baked bananas. I can't imagine wearing it often, but I can certainly imagine eating my arm. Amazing, truly evocative.
  2. GalaxyLei

    The Host of the Air

    Faint berries and wet grass...mostly green wetness with a juiciness (berries!) in the background that makes me want to go looking around for a berry bush to pick them off of. Lovely and perfect spring scent.
  3. GalaxyLei

    Eanach Dhuin

    Cologne, straight up at first, then as it dries it smells like mint underneath the cologne. It reminds me now of cologne and toothpaste. Not for me.
  4. GalaxyLei

    The Dole of the King's Daughter

    Wet I get no roses or lilies at all, just dirt...dry, dusty dirt. As it dries, the flowers come out more--covered in more dirt. I can see this as walking around by the shore and getting the flower scents mixed in with everything else, because it's not OMGROSE, which roses tend to do on me, just the smell of being outside on a hot day among the flowers naturally growing in spring or summer. Perfect for the season and the sun starting to come back.
  5. GalaxyLei

    The Ides of March 2009

    2009 When first applied, this is very lemon-y...not lemon soap, but actual lemon peels. As it dries, the lemon fades back and I get a sharp, green scent, but it is very light...after a few minutes I can barely smell it, and can't pick up any individual notes, just a leftover fresh scent. It's quite pretty overall, but the throw is so light on the skin that I'm not sure about a bottle...one to try for a scent locket to see if it sticks around more.
  6. GalaxyLei

    Men Ringing Bell with Penises

    Fresh and green, slightly fruity with a hint of a "skin" scent underneath...it's like a slightly toned down, more earthy counterpart to Tamamo-no-Mae. Gorgeous!
  7. GalaxyLei

    Dragon's Reverie

    It smells purple...very light, and I think ylang-ylang mostly is what I get. Soft floral, but not much more than that.
  8. GalaxyLei

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    I don't really smell the fruit in this...more the fruit leaves, just off the top. It feels green and wet, and summery, not autumn. Pretty, but not for me.
  9. GalaxyLei

    All Night Long

    Definitely cinnamon...and wood? It smells a bit like someone took cinnamon and then spilled it in the dirt. It calms the scent down a bit, but I think it does not inspire the passions in me.
  10. GalaxyLei

    The Scales of Deprivation

    This is masculine without being overly cologne-like...a very light, masculine herbal scent. It's what a man might smell like just after showering...it's very nice but fades quickly to be replaced by something almost minty. I'd agree there is no sustenance in this...it's there, then there's only even a hint that there was something at all. It fits the concept perfectly, and for the experience alone it's worth keeping the imp, but I think for me not a bottle.
  11. GalaxyLei

    Peach, Peach Blossom, Apricot, Nectarines

    Also from recent updates, Manners Among Men and Women in the Red Light District is all about the apricot! It smells like I want to eat it...
  12. GalaxyLei


    This is light and fruity (something like peach to me) and creamy--I can't figure out much more than that, except for the fact that it is wonderful and I am so happy I got a bottle. It's not too intrusive as perfume, just a light beautiful skin sent. Wonderful.
  13. GalaxyLei

    Has No Hanna

    Something very fruity...it smells like nectar or juice, but I can't quite tell from what fruit. It's a sweet, heavy scent, with a bit of a watery note underneath.
  14. GalaxyLei

    The Phantom Wooer

    Hm, very manly...like a man's soap--I don't really get the flowers at all. Just green, slightly lemony soap.
  15. GalaxyLei

    Sed Non Satiata

    Very smoky, and lots and lots of patchouli. There is also a sweet note behind it, but mostly it ends up smelling sort of burnt on me.