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  1. dluszcz

    Joyful Moon

    Vanilla and musk, wafting out to nighttime frangipani. This is a hot summer night...
  2. dluszcz


    It would have been lovely if this one were nice for me. But, Uggggghhhhhhhh! Chrysanthemum leaves and cat piss. Thank goodness it eventually lost the kitty pee on dry down!
  3. dluszcz

    But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light

    I'm afraid this just isn't what I expected. At first it's all cherry robitussin, followed very quickly by Flintstones chewable vitamins. After it dried up and soaked in a bit, I ended up smelling like the Yankee Candle section of any Hallmark retailer. ( This is absolutely nothing like Raven Moon, by my experience. Raven Moon is lovely and spicey and dark and patchouli-i....) HOWEVER during my first period class today, one of my students got all excited and told me that I "smell exactly like Christmas!". I think I will be gifting the bottle to her because I just don't get it. My idea of "Christmas" definately has more of a pierogi essence...(not that I want to smell like pierogies)
  4. dluszcz

    The Girl

    Creamy white and very very feminine. Lots of compliments on this one. Wish it stuck around longer. There is not one note in this blend that really stands out on me. This is naked, soft, white skin. Bought a second bottle for backup.
  5. dluszcz

    Yule Cat

    In the bottle- very strong and liniment-y- and I do understand the reference to brown cardboard- wet brown cardboard. On the skin- after it settles in- creamy silvery birch, patchouli, and musk. A little strange and a little sexy. Like any authentic kitty.
  6. dluszcz


    Berry-flavoured scent, very quickly turning to pink bubble gum. Develops undertones of cooking rice. This would be nice for a little girl.
  7. dluszcz

    Smoky Moon 2009: Tristesses de la Lune

    No literal smoke. Reminds me of Lune Noir. But a bit deeper and darker......... More deep violet, less twilight green...
  8. dluszcz

    On Darkness

    The love-child of Schwartzer Mond and Penumbra.
  9. dluszcz

    The Winter of Our Discontent

    I'm disappointed on this one: Clod and the Pebble-sque, but less baked-ham-ish
  10. dluszcz

    Mourning Moon

    I think "ethereal" and "somber" are perfect adjectives for Mourning Moon. I would also add "bitter." Wet on my skin, and in the bottle, this is a bit of musk and raw wood overshadowed by a strong, bitter pith of the grapefruit. This isn't a "good" smell at this point, I find it a bit disturbing. After it dries down, the bitterness fades a tiny, tiny, bit, revealing a hint of the sweet calla lily. At the end of the day, it's raw wood and bitter grapefruit. Overall, this is really the taste on your tongue when you get a bit of the grapefruit's pith in your mouth, and your face just automatically screws up. Strangely enough, I enjoy Mourning Moon. It's what I wish aquatics were like on me. I did not find this minty, or at all like Vampire Tears, which was all sickeningly sweet almond-cherry candy for me. This is frozen, mud and a biting, dry wind, bringing winter in.
  11. dluszcz

    Lilith Victoria

    After the initial bitch slap of extremely angry lavendar, this mellows down to something you wish little girls actually smelled like. This very clean and soft and pretty- it's gone through a lot of phases over the course of the day- a bit like Lilith Victoria's namesake will. There are flowers, and talc, something spicy, definately an "Xavier Roberts" phase, and by tonight, something that does remind me a bit of "No More Tears." I think this will get even better over time. An idea for maybe please please please: it would be really cool if Beth revisited this every year, adding and deleting notes as L.V. becomes herself.
  12. dluszcz

    The Witching Time of Night

    Lots of green ivy and tangy dark florals. The moonflower doesn't stand out for me as it does in other blends. This one starts off very strong and bold, with a lot of throw, but quickly fades to not much. I'm suprised by this, because it reminds me more of summer than autumn. Reminds me of my limited experience with night time in the South East...
  13. dluszcz


    Very very cherry, almost almond, touch o'musk, no anise for me! Short wear length and not much throw. To me, this is a "middle school" scent.
  14. dluszcz

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    Juicy-tart Granny Smith, apple blossom, green stems of roses (?), freshly dug up earth, and cold, crisp, herbal gin. Wish this was a bigger bottle, or that I could have afforded a multiple purchase!