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  1. gypsysingleton

    White Pumpkin Extrait

    Was lucky enough to score some of this on ebay... That said, WOW!!! I think it's may favorite of all the halloween scents!!! Creamy Vanilla Pumpkin but not too much of any one scent a little creamy yummy spice but not overwhelming cinnamon. It's hot out here today and this scent works well in the heat (Not just for fall) I'd get several bottles if it came out in a perfume oil. I hope the powers that be consider putting it on the menu....
  2. gypsysingleton

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    I really like it!!! It's definately white chocolate not milk or dark chocolate. Wet: I got the chocolate and coconut Dry: I'm getting the white chocolate and toasted marshamallow (a little of that burnt or carmalized sugar smell) Not perfumey at all. Sure to be a big hit with the foodies (like myself )
  3. gypsysingleton

    Pumpkin II (2008)

    I tried this without looking at the notes - I had an idea of the notes in all the pumpkins and when I first smelled this wet I thought, "this smells like a sweet buttery pumpkin, it must be the one with the honey and vanilla in it..." Wrong!!! Now looking at the notes and after the oil has dried a bit, I get a bit of the musk and tonka and I really have to work to smell the leather and the rest blend into oblivion, but it still feels very much like a gourmand bakery scent to me and is definately one of my favorites of the pumpkins since I tend toward foody scents anyway
  4. gypsysingleton


    I tried 3 different imps of this each one went startingly to HAIRSPRAY on me (the old aqua-net hairspray not the new nice-smelling ones). Given the notes - I should love this, but my chemistry does not agree with something in the blend (I must figure it out so I know not to get mixed up with it again) - very sad that this blend and I don't mix well...
  5. gypsysingleton

    Wulric, the Wolfman (2006)

    Wow - that is some tar lookin' oil!!! It stained my skin... Oooo, that smells good - Wet - Cocoa Absolute On drydown - the cocoa really fades to the background and the lavender and sage take front stage - 2 hrs later - the scent has really faded, I really have to push my nose into my skin to get the notes and they are all a nice green herbal with the slightest touch of cocoa Might put it on my wl, but not sinking any $$ into a bottle this round
  6. gypsysingleton


    I think the comparison to Razzles is dead on and I'm getting a 5ml bottle for the kid in me...
  7. gypsysingleton

    No. 93 Engine

    This is very nice... It starts off sweet and then goes mildly spicy (I'd swear that there was carnation in this but I don't see it in the notes) I wish I got more of the notes like the safforn, lemon balm and frankincense but an hour in I'm still only getting spicy carnation (weird..)
  8. gypsysingleton

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Sassafras, vanilla extract, oak leaf, CO2 butter extract, and onycha. Nice Twist on Root Beer Barrel Candy - On Drydown it almost smells like THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM - It has that creamy tobacco feel - long stay and nice throw
  9. gypsysingleton

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    Creamy delicious vanilla tobacco. Intense scent and good throw, it's a little masculine for me, but would be delicious on hubby....
  10. gypsysingleton

    The Obsidian Widow

    This is all jasmine on me and we don't go well together (I was worried about that but the other notes intrugued me) yup all I'm getting is the two notes I don't care for - the rose and the jasmine... Nice intensity though and nice throw...
  11. gypsysingleton

    The East

    Lovely!!!! Tea - painfully gentle florals (I'm not a fan of overpowering florals, this is just right) a slight hint of mint. My only complaint is that the scent is very faint.... I LOVE It so I really hope the intensity improves with age - I'm catching it in wafts but when I sniff my wrist now that the oil is dry I get nothing...
  12. gypsysingleton


    This is a nice men's cologne with a sweetish edge. It'll be nice for hubby in the fall. I'll add a bottle to my wl... eta: It has incredible wear and doesn't wash off...
  13. gypsysingleton

    Screeching Parrot

    Very light on the booze (yaayy) apricot, pineapple, graperfuit punch - I want to take a big gulp. Need to track down a bottle
  14. gypsysingleton

    Pumpkin Patch II (2005, 2006)

    The cocoa is so bitter it's almost not recognizable (but not unpleasant - just not sweet chocolate). The pumpkin is mild and way in the background and I get lots of almost smoked nutty goodness.
  15. gypsysingleton

    Thirteen (13): October 2006

    Where white label was much more chocolate and tea, ORANGE label is much more FLORAL - I get NO chocolate or vanilla, Little fruit, More of the Spicey (maybe lavender) and Floral (maybe thgeranium). I'm wearing white and orange and I think the white feels more grounded (might be the tea), BUT if you like florals - ORANGE LABEL 13 IS FOR YOU!!!