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  1. Alaizabel

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    This is a really fun, summer scent. In the bottle, I definitely get a boozy quality that others have mentioned, like an alcoholic fruit punch. On my skin, it mellows out a bit and has a bit of a powdery Sweet Tarts quality. It's light, fun and lasts a good amount of time. On drydown, it actually smells quite similar to Swank and Hamptons (which are completely interchangeable to my nose) on me. Alas, all the fruity scents seem to end up the same on my skin. At least it's a smell I like!
  2. Alaizabel

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    I second the Baobhan Sith recommendation. It lasts forever on me, and is mellowed out nicely by the tea. Also, Swank (the scent of a pomegranate martini) lasts forever. It's tart and sweet at the same time, and doesn't change much at all on dry down.
  3. Alaizabel


    A decadent, deep perfume, lusty and luxuriant. The scent evokes images of velvet-lined Old West cathouses, tightly laced corsets, rustling petticoats and coquettish snarls of pleasure. Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant. Bordello is only the 5th BPAL I've tried (after New Orleans - like, Baobhan Sith - LOVE, Eve - intrigued, & Antique Lace - TOO vanilla), but the first that I absolutely cannot get my head around. I cannot stop sniffing my wrist - and I'm not sure if it's because I love it or hate it. Wet, it first smelled almost cloyingly sweet - someone described it as a cherry jolly rancher, which makes sense to me. My husband described it at various points as "trashy," "like a high school girl," and "cotton candy," all of which I found myself agreeing with - yet I can't bring myself to wash it off. 4 hours later, I am still intrigued and can't stop sniffing it. I think I'll have to hold onto it - maybe he'll learn to love it.
  4. Alaizabel

    New Orleans

    I got my first ever BPAL order today... yay! and New Orleans was the first scent I tried. So thought I'd post my first review. (As a newbie, I'm afraid I can't be as eloquent as most yet!) As a lover of jasmine, I wanted to love New Orleans. From my first whif out of the bottle, I definitely got an overwhelming jasmine scent, but mixed with a very strong hint of the honeysuckly-esque "decay" as described, which threw me a bit. The jasmine was quite strong when I applied it, but now after about 4 hours, it has dried down to an almost powdery/musky scent, and I'm still getting the decay smell, which reminds me of rotting flowers. I'm still intrigued, and keep sniffing my wrist, but this isn't quite the "clean, fresh" jasmine I'm looking for. Interestingly, though, my husband, who usually dislikes my taste in perfume, loves this one! He says it reminds him of incense, which I don't get at all... but there you go! Overall, I like it, but I'm not in love... don't know if I'll wear it very often. Can't wait to try my second scent tomorrow! (I'm thinking it'll be Baobhan Sith for something different.)
  5. Alaizabel

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi everyone. I'm new to BPAL, and have been spending many contented hours browsing the site... writing down list after list of imps I'd like to try! I'm a total perfume junkie, so was thrilled to discover so many like-minded people. I've already put in my first order (I made myself stop at 15 imps!), but I'm also looking for any BPAL scents that might resemble a discontinued perfume from Laura Ashley called "Emma." It was my first perfume I ever got as a child, and have been searching everywhere for anything that resembles it. (bottles on ebay go for upwards of $150... not really in my current budget!)