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    In the bottle: Peppery autumn leaves Wet: heavy autumn leaves, cold air and a wetness... its a sharp green wetness. It smells a bit like mildew... yes.. mildewed laundry. The smell you get when you open the washing machine after forgetting you washed a load of clothes few days ago... and its july... Drydown: The sharp mildew-y note is gone... replaced by freshly snapped evergreen boughs, autumn leaves again and a sweetness... almost floery..but not. Overall I think I will be happy just having an imp... ETA: I was wrong.. I need this in a full bottle.. I can't stop smelling it..
  2. shushufontanah

    Pumpkin I (2007)

    Hmm.., I had high hopes for this and I'm not entirely dissapointed In bottle: Buttery! Wet: VERY buttery crust. I detect little pumpkin at first but I do smell what appears to be butter soaked graham crackers. There is a hint of grape too, but they don't really feel yet like the go togeher. I feel like I am in the candle aisle between two scents... After a few minutes: Mmm... this is better More grape, less crust tho I still detect it. Not finding the pear yet, but it might be lurking there right behind the grape. The grape smells more purple than white so far, more of a candy grape. Dry on skin: WOW is this a morphing scent! I don't get any of the tea, but dry I can smell all the other notes at once. The pear turns the grape sparkling, the buttery pumpkin is there but not overpowering. All together it is warm and comforting... Halloween in Tuscany maybe
  3. shushufontanah

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Thanks so much, I did the same I used paypal thru CCNOW, I guess I should have slowed down in my excitment to place an order and read more carefully. Thank you to all who answered.
  4. shushufontanah

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    HI all, Firstly sorry if this is the wrong forum, it did not seem to fit the FAQ mold so i stuck it here. I placed my first ever bpal order yesterday using CCNOW. Of course being so excited about it today i went back to the BPAL site to browse some more and i see an announcement up to not use CCNOW. What do I do? I'm scred i won't get mey order now? Thanks Amy