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    King of Spades, Numb, King of Clubs, Jailbait (on Strippers, what..? Okay Exotic Dancers. Geez, get off my ass!) and Rose Red smells divine on my Love, Sara


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    This scent has been held up by components. Monday it will no longer be an issue. So to rephrase - Anything being held up solely by the scent, Svadhinaopatika will begin shipping next week. That is all......

    Imp issue Clarification

    One of the trends which we would like to address is the widespread use of "IMP" to describe e-tailer perfume samples generally, not just BPAL. We know that no one means any harm when they refer to an "imp of XYZ perfume company sample" or "So and so was so generous, she included a frimp of 'something not BPAL' in my order", but every time someone uses the term "IMP", which as we all know is short for the Lab's trademark, IMP'S EAR, as a general term, it decreases, or tarnishes, the value of that property - Beth's original idea - to the Lab. So, what we ask, as members of the community, and more importantly, as friends of Beth & Brian and fans of the Lab, that everyone try to think a second before using the term Imp to refer to non-BPAL. Also, don't be surprised if occasionally one of the mod staff pops in to a retail or swap thread with a gentle reminder, as we have asked for their help in their capacity as "the management" of this forum. Our goal is not to call anyone out, but to help address a problem that has been bothering the Lab and its legal folks for some time. Thanks for your help!

    Pumpkin Queen

    All orders containing Pumpkin Queen are temporarily held up because of component issues. As soon as this changes I'll post another announcement. So don't be surprised if you get a CnS for orders after the held up ones. The Lab Rats are gonna keep chuggin' away!! Toot-Toot!! That is all.........

    Even more Clarification

    In response to numerous email inquiries that we have received today, we want to clarify that the eBay seller, cemkmr, is in no way associated with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and the auctions listed by this user are in no way associated with the Lab. We apologize for any confusion. Thank You Anthony Ramos General Manager Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    Peony Moon - W/C

    Peony Moon: Brick & Mortar We will be open for Peony Moon on Thursday, April 13th, from 2pm to 8pm. [The whole thing is almost verbatim from the last Will Calls.] The address is: 5523 Satsuma Ave North Hollywood, CA 91601 It may be a little hard to find. Satsuma looks like an alley, but isn’t. The building itself is a warehouse covered in gloriously strange blue aluminum siding. Sexy. We’re on the right side of the building. Mr. Thrifty [our mini-skeleton] will be in the window, and there’s a very obviously half-finished budding new herb garden in the front. The cats killed the catnip. While you’re in the area, you may want to hit up three other shops on our street. There are two wonderful architectural salvage places and a great stained glass shop. Tell them the new freaks down the road sent you. 8) The primary problem that we may have this week [and forever afterwards] is parking. There are four spaces in front of BPAL. Please do not block the gate next to the parking spaces. Seriously. Ok, now onto the Plan: Unfortunately, our wretched credit card system is still unprepared for retail in-store sales. At the moment, the damned thing won’t even let me log in. Anyway, all in-house sales on Thursday will have to be either cash, or through PayPal. We will have a terminal set up there for people who want to use the latter. If you would like to place an order for pick-up for Peony Moon, please do the following: Email us at willcall@blackphoenixalchemylab.com with your order. Payment may be remitted by PayPal ahead of time to willcall@blackphoenixalchemylab.com, or you can pay at Pick Up with cash or using one of our computers as a PayPal terminal. When making your payment, please omit shipping charges. You may purchase any current catalogue oils, as long as we have them in stock. Some t-shirt overstock from BPTP will also be on hand, but those will have to be in-store purchases, since I'm not positive which sizes and styles will be there. We will do our best to accommodate all orders of 5mls and imps, but sales will be based on availability. Imp Packs will be available, but we would prefer that, if you are going to purchase imps, you pre-order them so we can expedite the process. In all cases, its probably best to pre-order anyway, so we can make sure we have the oils allotted, or will be able to tell you beforehand if we’re out of stock. You get the gist. The following oils will also be in stock: Peony Moon [of course] Uranus Saturn A Descent Into the Maelstrom Assorted Limiteds Carnaval Noir scents will be limited to one bottle, per scent per person. As always, this is based on availability. In addition, we are getting rid of some backstock and cleaning out the warehouse, and unfortunately, we don't have the time to inventory these before the Loon. These scents are a first-come, first-served deal, cash only. At this time, we cannot accept checks, money orders, or credit card payments for WC. Please direct all questions to me at answers [at] blackphoenixalchemylab [dot] com. We will do our best to help you out with anything that comes up. Thanks Anthony
  6. Some of the scents that had to be discontinued due to the shortage of Grapefruit will be making a return. You know the one's right? Cheshire Cat, Baobhan Sith, just to name a few....
  7. In observance of all of the many beautiful faiths out there, Dragon Moon will be Live for one full week. Aw Snap! "D Moon" in the heazy for half a fortnight! Yeah I said it, go tell your Mom. I don't care.

    Trading Post Sleepy Moon Update is live!

    I hadn't seen that yet Ted. That's f*ckin' rocks!!

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Sandy Claws.

    Sandy Claws!!! Ha, Ha!! That's f*ckin' great Beth. ....and God bwess us everweeone..........
  10. Rose Red is a beautiful rose blend. It always makes me want to grope my girlfriend. Sorry is that T.M.I.?