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  1. rhubarbbear

    Cupid Complaining to Venus

    i love les bijoux, and i love this, too. bpal honey often goes awry on me, but it works here! soooo beautiful....i'm just loving this scent! it's somewhat sweeter and deeper than les bijoux on my skin, but very very similar. i love apple blossoms! all in all, incredible. very wearable, want to hang out sniffing my arm!
  2. rhubarbbear

    The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil

    gorgeous! this is what i was hoping red lantern 05 would be like...slightly smokey caramel sticky deep goodness! i don't tend to wear sweet scents a lot, but this is one of my very favorites
  3. rhubarbbear


    i think incensey sugar skull! good stuff, very pretty. very long lasting too...a drop or two spilled on my fingers around 230pm and i could still smell it (without even holding my hands up to my nose) 8 hours later!
  4. rhubarbbear

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    i agree- airy, clean, almost damp, and somewhat unisex. VERY pretty. incredibly seemless in the blending, i couldn't really detect any particular notes wc was probably a good thing as blackberry tends to turn to cat pee on me. not in faiza, tho! it stays clean and smooth, dark, and almost slippery.
  5. rhubarbbear

    Green Tree Viper

    yep, this is mintmintmint. back in the olden days i swapped for a few of beth's experimental blends, and one of the ones i got was a minty snake oil. it's been a couple of years, but green tree viper seems much even mintier than the blend i had- it's difficult to detect much snake oil in it, which might be a plus for some people. it's a lovely fresh mint, with just a hint of something darker, smoother, rounder.
  6. rhubarbbear


    i was super excited to try this, cause i love beth's cocoa notes! boomslang oil is dark, pretty much black. never seen anything like it! i'm pretty pale, and i actually had to actively rub it in to get the color to disappear from my skin! and the cocoa in this is amazing. really quality stuff! sadly, it disappears on my skin in like 15 min, leaving me with more or less plain snake oil. for people who's skin doesn't eat the cocoa, however, this will be, just...wow.
  7. rhubarbbear

    Western Diamondback

    ok, so, i totally don't like snakes. however, as i was scrolling thu the snake pit the day it went live i was in a mild panic over not seeing any rattlesnakes, since they are my "home snake" so to speak (costal/deserts of california). then i saw western diamondback, and all was right in the world, esp bc it sounded so divine! so, today i went to help decant for a circle and YUM! western diamondback rules. this was my favorite of all the snakes! smooth, just slightly sweet, chapparal-y snake oil. really, really awesome. can't wait to try it on DH! but this is one i'll wear myself, too.
  8. rhubarbbear

    Les Bijoux

    ooo, i'm surprised i haven't reviewed le bijoux, cause i love it! it's one of the few honey scents i can wear...honey usually turns sour and BO-ish on me, but not in les bijoux! just sweet honey, rose petals and fresh, crisp apple. a tiny bit of grounding from myrrh and sandalwood. i don't notice any peach at all, which is fine by me. overall, very, very much . a big bottle is on my next order list.
  9. rhubarbbear

    La Fée Verte

    wet: herbal, astringent, a little medicinal and a lot elderly women's perfume. hmmm. it took me days to try this since i was so put off from the scent in the imp. when i finally did try it i found that, like much bpal, it took a turn for the better. on my skin LFV gets a bit sweeter with some of that vanilla and musk, while still remaining very clean and green. so it's nice, but not really my bag.
  10. rhubarbbear

    Trick #1

    wow, what a shape shifter this one is! in the imp and for the first 20 minutes or so on my skin i get the very light, aquatic vibe/scent that other reviewers have mentioned. it's pretty, but doesn't really grab me. then it turns floral. the magnolia, but very grounded by the musks and patchouli. pretty, and deep. this stage lasts 1-2 hours. the next stage is a kind of musky vanilla (and this vanilla doesn't go dusty on me, as vanilla tends to do!). just a hint of the magnolia. very sexy! this lasts about an hour. finally, i'm left with musk and a hint of leather lingering close to the skin. i keep sniffing at my wrists to see if it's still there and still yummy. and it is. the ginger never showed up on me, but that's pretty common. unique and very cool!
  11. rhubarbbear


    i ordered prague ages ago, and really thought i'd like it. and it is very pretty...a nice springy scent. i've since realized that i don't really like straight up florals (except for rose....), esp if they contain lily. but that's not prague's fault!
  12. rhubarbbear


    bayou is pretty. very languid, humid southern summer kinda feel to it...just as i'd imagined. warm, floral, feminine....a magnolia tree dripping spanish moss. i don't get any kind of swampy-ness or decay from it (beyond the decay scent of the magnolias).
  13. rhubarbbear


    from the listed notes this looked like it would be pretty good on me. musk was the big maybe- sometimes musk works (esp red musk ), sometimes not. this, it turns out, was a not. somehow the whole thing became cloyinging perfume-y and kind of headachey. on the other hand, it smells gorgeous on my friend! ah, the vagaries of skin chemsitry....
  14. rhubarbbear

    Mag Mell

    most ambers realllllly don't like me. tends to give the blend a "cheap men's cologne" kinda vibe. mag mell doesn't go quite that bad (verbena is usually soapy clean on my skin, so maybe that keeps it in check?), but overall it's not great on me. i really liked the sound of mag mell, tho, so i had to try it! and i'm sure it's just gorgeous on other people....
  15. rhubarbbear


    somehow, i got smokey from this. herbal and smokey. and then floral, herbal and smokey. i'm not a fan of the campfire smell, so this one really didn't work for me.