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    bergamont, amber, copal, sweetgrass, sandalwood, wisteria, gardenia, spice, neroli, incense

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    Tattooing, painting, mead and winemaking, dogs, animal rescue, banjo playing, reading, all things witchy, tarot, drum circling, knitting, stained glass, Zona Rosa, movies (even bad ones), chocolate.
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  1. jaeyne

    Hay Moon

    I smell so fresh! Grazin' in the grass, it's a gas, baby, can you dig it? It's like alfalfa hay without that annoying alfalfa smell. Like feeding the horse in the summer and Bubba's just been washed and has ribbons in his mane and tail. I really like it!
  2. jaeyne

    Thirteen (13): June 2008

    Chocolate...not milk chocolate, more like Mexican chocolate and herby incense. Wow. Last looooonnnnnggggg.
  3. jaeyne

    Silk Road

    To me, wet it smells like cinnamon/cassia and it kinda gives me that skin burn like cinnamon oil would. I'm not crazy about this stage of the morph. After a half an hour or so the incense/resin finally comes out. There are other incense blends I like better. I don't think I'd buty a big bottle.
  4. jaeyne

    Perpetuum Bonum

    Okay, I get the initial cherry rush when wet, but it dries down almost immediatly to something soft and whispery. But it works most wonderfully well. Put some on Friday and had a really good day of business and won $50. on a scratch off lotto, put some on today and had a good day business wise and won another $20. on a scratch off.
  5. jaeyne

    Love's Philosophy

    In the imp it smells like ghee. Wet and for about a half an hour, wintergreen, then vanilla candle. Really strong and lasts forever, even through washing dishes. I had ordered a bottle prior to an imp coming my way on the basis of those who reported lovely buttercream. Alas, I don't have their chemistry! Off to the swaps! ETA: Borrowed "alas" from DenMother, whoops.
  6. jaeyne

    Sed Non Satiata

    I couldn't pick out any notes, it was all one lucious blend of yumminess and sexiness. No penut butter, just incensy with a little rose-like floral.Lasts long, good throw. I will be buying a big bottle so I can slather all I want.
  7. jaeyne

    The Clod and the Pebble

    On me, this smelled like frankencense with a clean breeze running through it. I had forgotten the notes in it and am I ever surprised...It's not bad, but it's not what I had been expecting.
  8. jaeyne


    I got an imp of this from the lab and for about the first 1/2 hour or so it smelled really green, like green rose but as it morphed it reminded me more of dry petals.In a wooden box. I get the "old lady" refrence. Kind of like a potpourri. Lasted all day, good throw. I would buy a bottle .
  9. jaeyne


    Misty rose. Lasted at least 8 hrs. Good stuff.
  10. jaeyne


    Lemon, lemon, super lemon and when it died I kept smelling something like a dead animal from far away. It went everywhere I went so I think it was me. And Venice. No big bottle of this one for me.
  11. jaeyne

    Follow Me Boy

    Lemony and vegetal roses. Dead roses. As it dries it gets softer and nicer. The first time I wore this my next door neighbor offered to take me to the Farmer's Market. And remarked on how good I look.
  12. jaeyne

    Sri Lanka

    Very woody, reminds me of some cedar oil I used to have without the liquid smoke touch that really put me of it. As it dries and after about an hour, it smells a little more sandalwoody. I really like this. No much else to say that other haven't said better, but I would buy a bottle.
  13. jaeyne


    I'm just reviewing the scent because at this point I already have a relationship going, but I wanted to smell this nonetheless. The littlest bit goes a long ways. On me , maybe because I didn't need it, it reminded me of decaying roses, squash laying out in the fields and vanilla. The scent swooned around me like a diaphanous cloud. Very New Orleans, very vegetal, very Erzulie.
  14. jaeyne


    I don't get the cinnamon everyone (almost ) has talked about or honey either. I do get the Chai smell. But what comes to the forefront when I put this on is the pepper. I smell hot and spicy. Bengal feels like India, feels like a tiger, feels orange and black. It was the first thing my SO could smell after having the flu and his sinuses shut down. This is one of my favorites!
  15. jaeyne

    Al Azif

    Love it!!! This reminds me of hindu grass and nag champa and is an uttlerly sexy incensy scent.