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Shotgun Samhain Swap 2021 Q&A

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what sizes do you wear for jewelry purposes - rings, etc.

My ears are not pierced so no earrings please.  I wear an 11 in ring size and my wrist is about 7.5" (I think.)  I don't really wear a lot of jewelry since I don't actually leave the house very often and I have allergies to metals.  (Sterling silver is ok, surgical steel is also ok.)  I would like to get my ears pierced again but I think I'll gauge up and do a hollow needle instead of the "gun".  Someday when I have money for things like piercings and tattoos.  :D  


what's your favorite fall food based treat?

Hm, good question.   We make a lot of our own and right now it's all the types of zucchini bread (chocolate, ultimate, lemon blueberry...)   I love pumpkin ginger bread (haven't found a recipe that mimics what I used to get at Uptown Espresso in Seattle though - right now Smitten Kitchens is my fav recipe.)   It isn't food, but going to CORN MAZES in the Seattle area was always my favorite fall "treat" -- Spooner Farms and Carpinito Brothers.  Hot spiced cider and kettle corn.  Going to the fall farmer's markets.  and all of the fall book signings!!  those are the things I miss.

Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call?

I have major anxiety with talking to people in real time be it in person, skype, phone calls, chat, etc.  So in writing/in package would be my preference.  

For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? (5) anything else you wish to send, maybe something fun, a movie, maybe a decoration, something homemade, handmade, something precious and old, ????)

I will appreciate everything you curate especially for me!  (maybe not a movie though since I don't currently have a blu-ray or dvd player in my room and that is where I do everything.  I just stream things from netflix/hulu/hbo/disney + -- I "share" accounts with other people since I can't afford them myself.)   My amazon lists are humongous so that should give lots of ideas for tarot cards, stickers, wall hanging stuffs, all kinds of fall and halloween things.  (I have multiple lists, the book list is the default so click on the other ones and you'll get an idea of the things I like.)  However, I TOTALLY NEED MORE CARNIVOROUS PLANTS.  I planted some purple pitcher plant seeds -- two packets -- and zero germinated.  I was soooo disappoint.  Occasionally they have Cobra Lily seeds too but really I'd like an already living plant since germination seems iffy.  Would love Sundew too.  Yeah, I don't know how you would ship them.  :D    I always love palm stones / crystals / rocks.  I love bath milk/salts from luvmilk (scent lists in my SW help and on Amazon.)   

Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK?

Heck yeah!  Tea (Whittard / Bird & Blend plus lots of tea from your neighbors in France like Damman Freres and Mariage Freres), LUSH, wine gums, fancy chocolates (except now I'm "sensitive" to chocolate but I think I would risk it!!)  Future Primitive Ghost Smoke anything (except bar soap and perfume - whipped soap would be AMAZING, I need like 50 of them, lol!)  STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING.  I could really use a pudding steamer and good pudding recipes for sticky toffee and christmas pudding.  without wheat flour, haha.  or corn syrup.

Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters?

I have sooo many essential oils and flower waters that I never use, it would be wasted on me.  I'm doing The Ordinary skin care regimen right now so I don't want to add anything else.

What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance)

I don't know.  Right now I'm trying to transform myself back into a useful person so I can work or go to school or both.  Seeing a physical therapist and a dietician; pretty much just started so I have at least six months of this.   Help with motivation, perseverance, clarity (massive brain fog).  Help with self love is always necessary, as well as household harmony since five people are living here (all adults, three generations) and tempers got hot occasionally.  

Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry?

I absolutely inhale fantasy (and some sci-fi) books.  I only do ebooks, mostly .mobi (kindle) unless a book is on my wishlist in a different format.  I'm not huge on poetry;  an art or photography book isn't that exciting in kindle format.  Space is a huge issue for me and I really don't have room for physical books right now, my room is so crowded that I have to squeeze through a narrow aisle to get to my desk or closet.  (Staying with family after divorce forced me to move from Seattle but I'm too sick to work, so I'm working on getting healthy.)


Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in?

ALLL THE THINGS.  I especially like the cups sold at the Michigan faire (Messier pottery?) with the bats, pit bulls, etc.  I got a gnome one for my mom and it's her favorite.  (purple or black finish.)  I love hippocampus or other fantastical equine buttons.  I love the celtic knot tapestries in purples, blues, or greens - with dragons, horse, corvids, dogs, ferrets...   I have a great pirate-y jacket from local artisans in the PNW as well as a floppy felted wool hat that can be made into a tricorne or a musketeer or just left floppy.  I have quite a few drinking horns with horses painted on them.  I always find tons of things I want!  The fresh birch beer is my favorite (like root beer, not alcoholic.)


Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented? 

I have plenty of chime candles (as well as tapers, votives, etc.)   (I used to be a chandler and I also used to sell PartyLite and I have SO MANY CANDLES.)   However my respiratory issues make it really hard to burn them so I have to be really careful about candles I purchase these days.  Sihaya's seem to work for me and I'm super interested in Black Roses.  Also love Ember and Mallow, London Fog, Secret Society, Samhain Dusk, I am Here I am Whole, Long Distance Hug, Sisterhood of the Moon, Orphic Lodge, She is Still a Mystery, or The Divine.


Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? 

I always need a really good non-smudging black eyeliner - but my skin is super oily and "waterproof" doesn't work; I need oil proof!  I keep reading reviews on Sephora but haven't found the perfect one yet.  I use Stila the most as it has been the best so far (not liquid, one of the smudge proof "pencils" that turns instead of needing sharpening.)

I love pretty nail polishes but again...  for the past few years I haven't used any of the tons that I have.... <_< 

I rarely wear eye shadow these days. 

I could use a really good foundation / powder / and setting spray but it's hard to pick the color for foundations over the internet!


Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)?

Nothing with SLS / parabens / phthalates.  No bar soap or coffee mugs (unless they're like 16-20oz and have a lid - so much dog hair floating around and my carnivorous plants aren't doing their job at catching the bugs that are tiny and fit through the screens!)    I am "sensitive" (still haven't figured out exactly how I'm sensitive but blood testing showed that I am?  Maybe the brain fog/fatigue/body aches/pain / respiratory?) to wheat, yeast, corn, eggs, casein (milk/cheese), and chocolate.  I haven't had a chance to go over it with my doctor yet to see if I can do sheep/goat milk/cheese.


Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need?

I always "need" more yarn (but no, I really really don't since I haven't felt like knitting the past two years and I have over 1k skeins.  Except when I REALLY want to make something and none of my yarn is appropriate for the project.  Plus most of the yarn I "need" is around $30 a skein.  Please do not get me craft store yarn, I am a super picky yarn hoar.)  I would love a small oil paint set with a lot of colors.  (I have canvas / brushes.)   I would love some paper clay to make runestones for stitch markers or for gifts.  Also need a sculpting needle and some metallic paint (silver though, not gold.)  And I need a good pair of jewelry pliers (with springs.)  I added some tools to my Amazon "Jewelry" list because my craft supplies list is private and I don't want to make it public right now because I don't want to sort everything.  



Homemade treats...any likes and preferences??

I have a texture thing so I don't like nuts in my cookies or fudge or brownies or whatnot.  No corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.  Prefer organic ingredients / non GMO, so I'm ultra picky about flour / dairy / eggs / butter.   I keep looking at all of the fun things on Gather Victoria's website and wanting ALL of those treats if you're looking for inspiration.   They have some awesome fall / Samhain recipes.  I wish I could afford to be a patreon and I'm waiting very impatiently for their cookbook.  I totally love the seasonal tea wreath!   And I want to do a cake for priestesses of the dead.  And the crabapple galette (I have two crabapple trees.)  Anyway, so, I love all kinds of things.  Smitten Kitchen is other my other homemade treat recipe supplier but doing a russian honey cake is probably too hard to ship.    I love chewy caramels, especially sea salt and chocolate covered.  Butterscotch is another favorite flavor (but not the hard candies) for homemade things.  I should make a pinterest board with all of my smitten kitchen recipes for treats I want to try, but I think I already have a pinterest board with snacky treat things if you want to go look at it.  Link should be in my SW Help page (link to that in signature.)


AND YES, I am also wanting to know what flavor/s of fudge you would love to get if I happen to be your Adept 

I totally love Holly's fudge - especially the creamy melt in your mouth penuche.  Seriously, I want the recipe for this.  Most penuche that we attempt to make is more like Scottish Tablet (crystallized and crunchy.)  I have looked at 500 recipes and tried SO MANY and I can't reproduce Holly's.  (I don't do corn syrup, so was trying to stick to sugar, cream, butter but yeah, I can't seem to do it.)  Also love the apple pie fudge (who would have thought I'd like that) and the forest fruit fudge.  And peanut butter chocolate fudge.  No nuts in my fudge or penuche please.    Also holly made me the most wonderful christmas pudding a couple of times.  And I love sticky toffee pudding.


What are your thoughts on sweet treats? If you like them, what are your favorites? And what is one that you consider extra special?

I do love sweet treats. 


Penuche fudge (SUPER CREAMY LIKE HOLLY DOES - otherwise it's more like scottish tablet, which is fine, but not my favorite.)   Milk chocolate covered sea foam.  Butterscotch pudding.  Chocolate mousse (especially from the Dilettante cafes in Seattle area.)  Creme Brulee.   Bailey's Chocolate Tiffin (with chocolate shortbread and dried cherries.)  Chocolate shortbread in general.  Really good Key Lime Pie.  (yeah, like some of these things don't ship well but you asked.)   Milk chocolate / caramel / pecans (turtles?)  Chocolate covered sea salt caramels from Frans Chocolate (Seattle area.)  Moonstruck Chocolate truffles.  Vosges chocolate truffles.  Tony's Chocolonely milk chocolate (also with hazelnuts or caramel or toffee or ...)  Purdys chocolate!  (They usually have halloween chocolates like sugar skulls or coffin assortments.)   Licorice / Anise caramels.  


OMG some extra special ones would be from L. A. Burdick.  They have seasonal black cats this year but I think they're out of the price range for this box unless they sell them separately in their stores.  I'd love to try the mouse and/or penguin samples.   

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