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2018 Weenies



A breakdown, for my own benefit (to narrow down choices).

Blue Ghost Blues....A ward against evil: bay rum, whiskey, cigar smoke, black pepper, and salt
I want to try this for sure. Maybe a decant or partial bottle.

Dia De Los Muertos......dry, crackling leaves, the incense smoke of altars honoring Death and the Dead, funeral bouquets, the candies, chocolates, foods and tobacco of the ofrenda, amaranth, sweet cactus blossom and desert cereus
I've never tried this and always wanted to. Or maybe I smelled it briefly at Moonarcana's house. Still, I would like a decant if I can find one.

Midnight Bonfire......night-blooming jasmine, smoldering maple leaves, a cluster of patchouli and blackened ti leaf, black sage, and pinewood smoke
If I'm doing decants, I should throw in this. It has a good chance of being very nice and cozy for fall. The jasmine sounds a little out of place but maybe I'm just not imagining it the way it really is.

Pumpkin Crème Brulee.....With vanilla bean scrapings
Possible decant but there are other Pumpkin scents I'm more interested in.......Like.......

Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh......A strangely romantic, disturbingly erotic perfume
Disturbingly erotic? Sign me up for a decant. I thought seriously about a bottle but oudh doesn't always smell good to me. It's best when it just fades into the background, IMO.

Pumpkin Tobacco......Sweet black tobacco infused with dried pumpkin and soaked in bourbon
I really want to wear tobacco notes but I'm not sure they always work for me. Everything about this sounds fabulous. Why am I hesitating? Probably a decant.

Scarecrow Turned Philosopher.....Corn husks waving on an autumn breeze, beams of amber sunlight, hay bales, and late summer wildflowers
I am all over this concept, but I'm not sure about wildflowers. I don't love all floral notes, so this would be a risk. That's what decants are for, right? : )

Masque of the Red Death.......

A Multitude of Dreams......A blackened lavender mist, thick with opoponax, licorice root, and benzoin
Sounds somewhat promising, although I'm a little more picky with my incense scents these days (which is what this sounds like to me....incense). I like them if they are soft and elegant, not too strong. I don't like to smell like a big actual incense stick (but there was a time that was what I wanted). Possible decant, but not high priority.

Pickman Gallery 2018.......

A Young Boy and His Brother Seated on a Goat.......Polished mahogany, copal resin, Java sandalwood, teakwood, and Sumantran patchouli
This could be really good or not so good on me, just based on my experience with these notes. Copal tends to smell like cheap aftershave on me and not in a good way. My partner liked the sound of this one but I know certain scents make him wheeze and this sounded like one of those to me. I might get a decant just to satisfy my curiosity and his.

Cabras......Black pine, white sage, creeping ivy, and wild juniper
Sounds like a lot of green, pine and juniper.....I stopped buying these kinds of scents quite a while ago, maybe it's time to try again? The more I look at the notes, and the painting, the more curious I am getting.

Lithograph of a Mountain Goat.......White sandalwood, black pepper, muguet, agarwood, labdanum, and 3-year aged patchouli
I love patchouli and labdanum, and so I am curious about this. I don't think I particularly care for the other notes, especially muguet. But - somehow I think this might be good for my partner, or me. Possible decant.

Studie Einer Ziege.....Sweet labdanum with clove, tobacco absolute, and guiac wood
I actually had this in my cart and removed it before checkout. Again, I love labdanum. But the other notes sound very familiar to me, like I have a dozen other scents with these notes and don't even wear them that much (clove, tobacco..). I might have to get a decant and I may end up loving it. I'm in a mood today, so my judgment may not be the best.

Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field......Sweet vetiver, bourbon vanilla, and wool
I had this in mind for my partner but changed that to Jupiter Nourished at the last minute. I might still need to try a decant of this, either for him or me.

Venus Pandemos.....Hay, rose otto, red benzoin, torch smoke, and pink carnation
This could be really good, but it sounds very powdery and might be soapy as well. Possible decant.

Zoe and the Goat......Caramelized patchouli, cream, and thick golden honey
I picked Jupiter Nourished over this, hope I didn't make the wrong choice. Possible decant.

Pile of Leaves.......

Dead Leaves and Maple Sap.......possible decant, I love Burning Leaves by CBIHP, which is basically the same thing except with smoke added.

Dead Leaves and Scotch.....possible decant, sounds unbelievably cozy for a chilly fall day.

Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense......I had this in the cart and took it back out. It sounds a little close to Hope and Fear Set Free, which I love. But - would I need both? Decant or partial bottle, probably.

Dead Leaves, Black Tea, and Tobacco Leaf......I had this in the cart too. But, I already have a few scents with tobacco. I am not sure. It might be really great. Possible decant or partial bottle.

Dead Leaves, Blackberry, and Red Patchouli.......how thorough do I want to be with the dead leaves? I don't want to miss a good one, like I know I have in the past. Maybe decant.

Dead Leaves, Bourbon Vetiver, Nagarmotha, and Vanilla Absolute.......see above, possible decant.

Dead Leaves, Sweet Oakmoss, White Sage, and Chaparral........see above again, possible decant.


Blue Ghost Blues
Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh
Pumpkin Tobacco
Scarecrow Turned Philosopher
A Young Boy and His Brother Seated on a Goat
Lithograph of a Mountain Goat
Studie Einer Ziege
Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field
Venus Pandemos
Dead Leaves and Scotch
Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense
Dead Leaves, Black Tea, and Tobacco Leaf
Dead Leaves, Bourbon Vetiver, Nagarmotha, and Vanilla Absolute


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Have you tried dead leaves before? I got dead leaves and vanilla incense and dead leaves and sugar cookie and I'm...surprised. The dead leaves wasn't what I expected.

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Have you tried dead leaves before? I got dead leaves and vanilla incense and dead leaves and sugar cookie and I'm...surprised. The dead leaves wasn't what I expected.


Yes I have, I really like the Dead Leaves scents that I have tried! Hard to pick a favorite. I especially love Dead Leaves, Candied Violets and Sugar Crystals (I think that's the right name) from last year.

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