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BPAL Madness!
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Back to business!

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*phew* I was going through total withdrawal without this forum for a while... :thud: I guess that is sort of a lame statement, but I truly don't have much going on in my life, and I'm obsessed! hehe.


I got TWO packages yesterday! :thud:


From Chouchen:


Embalming Fluid 5ml

Frumious Bandersnatch 5ml (small amount left)

Moon Rose (Frimp!)

candy & sample of Lush soap (Frimp!)



From ReedSong (my first real SWAP... yay!):


City in the Sea

Empyreal Mist

sniffies of: Peacock Queen & Peony Moon


I can't wait to get the rest of what I have coming to me!



p.s. I started up a LJ BPAL Feedback page HERE... and realized I didn't know this existed... I just went back through all my sales/purchases/swaps to see if those people had feedback pages, and only found a few. If I did BPALbusiness with you, and you have a feedback page, let me know! Sorry I hadn't known about it before (i know you're not supposed to ask people for feedback, but this is me saying I want to leave feedback, just don't have your link).

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