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BPAL Madness!
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So, I attended a Meet & Sniff yesterday at RHM's house (in NJ). What fun! All the girls there were SO sweet, and had my cracking up. On top of that, everyone was very open to allowing me, the ditzy newbie, to stick my nose in all their BPAL! I'm sure I commited a zillion faux pas, but nobody seemed to even mind. Sorry to all the girls for anything stupid I may have said/did (including asking for a June Gloom imp and mispronoucing probably a million scent names! LMAO. i'm an ass).


HennaFairy and I were so exhausted when we got home, but still went through each other's new stuff... then ate dinner, watched a hilariously HORRIBLE movie (i forget the name, but i saw Heather Grahams breasts and one of the Fiennes' brother's ass quite a lot), and seriously passed out at 10:30! my arms are all stinky (in a good way!), too.


My favorite thing that I got at the M&S ends up being the Bunny Musk. Who knew? that wasn't even on my wishlist, and I thought I would HATE it (i'm very anti baby powder, and I thought that would be the smell... it isn't!). I love Sea of Glass and the Hesperides, too! And Bearded Lady... and, well, I picked up a ton of frimps... I put them all in my box, and sort of lost track of who I got them all from (sorry ladies! if you remember what you gave me, feel free to let me know and I'll update my swaps list a little better. *duh*).


Oh, and I'm obsessed with Snow White, too! it smells EXACTLY like Bath & Body Works' "Refreshing Garden Mint" that they discontinued a few years back, and I still am hoarding a small amount of lotion from. hehe. I cried when that disappeared!! Joseybird was kind enough to sell me a decant of hers... now I can take my time searching for a full bottle. YUM!


i'm all sniffed out!



... for a few days, at least :huh?:



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