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BPAL Madness!
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Fall SW Questions: 9/5 to 9/8

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What was your favouritest job ever, and why?


Hmm... I've had lots of interesting jobs. I think the most fun is probably working in a yarn store (I've had two different yarn store jobs) but it doesn't pay that well. Most of my science jobs - including the current one - have been pretty awesome.


Which three albums would you take to your apocalypse bolt hole and how would you power the generator?


This is way too hard of a question. But I will just put down the 3 that I couldn't live without at this very moment and hope that I never get stuck in an apocalypse bolt hole.


AEnima ~ Tool

Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True ~ Fair to Midland

The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled ~ Sculptured


Of course, that doesn't include any bands with female vocals, which is sad. But I don't think I could live without any of those.


What GC scent have you been putting off getting since it'll "always be there"?


I made the mistake of doing that with Succubus. I got one bottle but didn't get a backup. ^_^ But currently? Whatever is on my wishlist. Fae is one I know.


Are you interested in things like home remedies for ailments, cleaning solutions, etc.?


I like home-made cleaning solutions, but I'm usually too lazy to make them if they take much work.


Any cooks? Could you use anything cooking related? Aprons? Cookbooks? Measuring Cups? Recipes? Herb/Spice containers? Fancy Spices? Dish Towels? Cocktail napkins? Amazing Beaded Pot Holders? (like from our very own Pottersville! ) Something else?


I like to cook! I don't wear aprons, though maybe I should to avoid the little bits of cookie dough that always get stuck on my shirt when I use the mixer. :cry2: I could use measuring spoons, but I have plenty of cups. Vegetarian recipes / cookbooks are always appreciated. I wouldn't mind some cute dish towels either - I seem to have lost some during the move and they weren't cute anyway.


Are you an avid reader? What's your favorite book/series?


I read some, lately it's been nonfiction and semi-trashy vampire books for contrast. I used to read more, but then I got really into knitting and started doing that more.


What's your favorite candy to stock up on at Halloween?


I don't really stock up. I usually have some candy at home, but it takes me a while to eat it. I do love Almond Joy though, and those mini Snickers are just the right size!


What are your phobias?


I don't think I technically have any phobias, but I do have an intense dislike / disgust about spit. It's inconvenient when around drooly dogs and/or children. Just thinking about it, or someone making spit sounds, makes me feel nauseous. I even get super grossed-out about my own spit. :huh?:


What is your favourite flower (or plant)?


I have this strange affinity for jade plants. I would say that irises are my favorite flower - because of the color. :lol:


Duct tape purses and wallets and things are pretty darned cool. Who else thinks so?


My best friend has had one for years now and he loves it. I just got a custom wallet made a few months ago so I'm all set on the wallet front, though.


An anonymous benefactor gives you $500 (or an equivalent amount of money in your currency of choice) with the following stipulations. You must spend all of it within a week: any money left unspent must be returned. You must spend at least half of the money on yourself. You may not use it to pay off debts or bills of any kind. What do you do with the money?


Well, I'd buy an Xbox 360 and Gold Live subscription so I can watch Netflix movies on my TV. Plus Rock Band and a mic so I can play it with my Boston Rock Band people. Then I'd probably get some BPAL and a lot of yarn, and some presents for my friends and family.


Who likes coloring books?


I haven't colored in a long time. This might sound weird... but I don't like crayons. It's because they never come out looking "even" when you color with them. Yes, I'm weird.


Do you have a Good Reads profile? If so, make with the link! If you don't have one, go make one!


Yep, here, but I don't usually update it.


You're in the kitchen at the end of a pay period and groceries are pretty scarce. Do you take the five ingredients you find first and make something fabulous, or do you order take out?


I always have a few things around that are quick and easy for when I'm feeling lazy or having a grocery emergency. So I'd probably end up having chili or mac & cheese or ramen or a veggie burger.


If you could decorate/redecorate any 1 room in your home, what would it be and how would you decorate it?


Well, I'm still in the process of decorating. I suppose it's ongoing. I do need to get a bed frame and a bedside table for my bedroom. And then there's my knitting nook that currently only has a lamp - I just got a rug at IKEA but I haven't put it down yet. I need a chair for there. But I'm not really good at decorating. I just go with the strategy of blue and throwing stuff together.


Any rabid sports fans out there? What teams do you root for?




What's your favorite animal? (You can have more than one.)


I love tropical fish! I don't have any right now, though. And I'm also a big fan of cats, because they're cuddly but also independent most of the time. As for non-pet animals: crows, squirrels, non-poisonous snakes, and bats.


This is how the world ends... zombie apocalypse, robot uprising, alien invasion, return of the elder gods... which doomsday scenario do you prefer (or make your own!)?


Um... I dunno. I'm going to go more boring and say that an asteroid hits earth, plunging it into an ice age.


In the year 2525... if man is still alive... what sort of future do you imagine? (apologies to anyone who gets that song stuck in their head!)


What song?


Hmm, well I think we should definitely have teleports. Or at least really really fast cheap travel.


Do you believe in magic (or magick, if you prefer)? What does it mean to you?


Not in the traditional sense. I believe there are many amazing things that aren't explainable with our current knowledge - I guess that's sort of like magic.


If you found the puzzle box from Hellraiser, what would you do with it? ( and would you be able to resist playing with it? )


I haven't ever seen that movie, but I think bad things happen if you open the box? I'd probably destroy it if possible. And I would definitely be able to resist playing with it.


Do you like pinup art/images?


Not really.


What are your plans for Halloween? Have you made any yet? Do you have any traditions?


No plans yet. I'm hoping to find some fun way to spend it - last year I just sat around the house I think. :D


Who are your BPAL forum buddies? You know, people I could conspire with to Witch you!


Well, bryghtrose introduced me to BPAL and the forum... now I live 3000 miles away and see littlegoat and Thursdae and twilighteyes and some other Seattle BPALers for meet & sniffs.


What is your favorite color?




Any other steampunk fans/lovers?


I'm not exactly clear on what it is, even after looking it up. I've seen some cool stuff, but I don't know that it's really me.


Describe your ideal picnic lunch. Where would you go? Who (if anyone, and yes there can be multiple people) would accompany you? What sort of food would you take? And, of course, if a picnic lunch sounds like a horrible idea, feel free to say so!


I'd bring a bunch of my friends and make iced tea and lemonade and cookies and cute little sandwiches and fruit and yummy cupcakes and then we could just sit around and knit after lunch (or read or nap for the non-knitters). But it would be somewhere with lots of shade and not too hot because I'm not really a fan of the sun or the heat. Maybe I should get a parasol. :lol: Oh, and because it is the ideal picnic there wouldn't be any bees trying to get into the food!

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