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BPAL Madness!
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Fall SW Questions: 9/9

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Super power?


I always say teleportation - because it's a useful form of transportation, defense mechanism, and party trick. But thinking about it just now, I might have to change my answer to the non-traditional superpower of seeing myself the way others see me. Not physically - I guess "perceive" is a better word. It would be so helpful in establishing relationships of all varieties and knowing who to avoid and even changing the way you act around certain people if they're taking it wrong. Like, if I had known that my friend from high school had a secret crush on me and wasn't exactly kidding with all the joking flirting... I probably wouldn't have joke-flirted back. :cry2:


If I send you whole spices or coffee beans, would you be able to grind them or would you prefer them preground for your convenience?


I do not have a grinder of any kind.


For the tea and coffee drinkers: Opinion on tea- and/or coffee-related accessories/etc? (Teaware, sugar crystals, infusers, tea chests, etc) How do you take your coffee (or tea)? Black or with cream and/or sugar?


I have a neat mesh thing for loose tea that is shaped like a cup and sits in the top. I don't have much else besides mugs, though. I don't drink coffee at home. I drink some tea with milk and sugar, some not. I drink my "coffee" in mocha form. :lol:


Restaurants you'd like a gift certificate to on Restaurant.com?


I looked at the Seattle ones a while back and don't remember seeing anything that thrilling.


In your perfect world it is chocolate and...?


Marzipan! Or nuts.


How do you scent your home: tarts, reed diffusers, BPAL, candles?


I have scented candles and an oil burner that takes tealights. I don't use them all that often, though. I'm actually not sure how tarts work...


What's your favorite dessert treat? Ice cream? Cake? Pie? Fudge brownie cake with pie flavored ice cream on top?


Creme brulee! I also like cookie dough quite a bit. And kheer.


Do you believe we control our destiny, or does our destiny control us?


I believe we control our destiny somewhat through our choices, and the rest is up to chance.


What one thing that is missing from your life would you like to have above all else?


My own home. I mean, I have an apartment, but I'd like to own a home that I planned on staying in for a good while so I could feel truly settled and start a saltwater fish tank and such.


That or possibly a significant other. I'm actually pretty happy being single, but at the moment there's the non-boyfriend and the whole undecided state of our non-relationship is more annoying than just being single. :huh?: But I like him so I'm having trouble getting rid of him.

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