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BPAL Madness!
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Why I'm so crazy about BPAL again

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Juliet's Silk


Well yes of course BPAL are amazing so that is reason enough.

But the reason why I started my addiction again is - of course - the hottest, cutest, smartest guy on earth.

I believe in the power of scents. We all know how strong a memory of a scent can be, and I want to tie this relationship to my boy closely to a scent. I need a signature scent. Something he will associate with me and whenever he smells it will make him think of me (okay there is no relationship - YET! *knocks on wood*).


So, without knowing what he likes, what am I to chose?

I think it has to be a GC scent, because if I'm ever going to run out of the scent... that'd be dreadful.

I'd love to make Snow White my signature scent (it's SO ME) maybe I'm going to make an exception for her, depending on if she turns up this Yule again or not. My bottle of 2005 is still almost full but I was very reluctant to use it, I guess if I used it daily that would look differently...

Bunny Musk and Dragon Moon are out, as are the LEs that are on the way to me.


I can choose from:

Dragon's Milk, Antique Lace, Alice, White Rabbit, Persephone and Dana O'Shee, and maybe Snow White.

I wore Snow White on our first date, but he didn't say anything to it and I don't know how much of it he got to smell. It does have good throw on me, but still. Still, that's a point for Snow White.

Dragon's Milk is the scent my ex-ex-bf chose for me, so that's out. In addition to that, Dragon's Milk stains everything bright red so it's not easy to handle.

Antique Lace is nice. But it is also boring. It is a comfort scent and the scent I use whenever I don't really know what to choose. I think Antique Lace is the only scent that ever got me an unsolicited compliment (from a male), but I MIGHT confuse it with Snow White, here. Also, additionally Antique Lace is never described as being sexy. Hmmm. A maybe here.

Alice - Alice, oh I love her. At the moment, it's the only scent I need. However, the imp I have is an aged one and I think the fresh Alice smells a bit differently. I also don't quite know how Alice works in the summer, because it is a really warm, snuggly scent. But then - it's roses, so maybe it works in the summer as well. And, again this is not a scent described as sexy. But - I think the scent is very, very me. Another posivte aspect is that if Katrina van Tassel is as beautiful as I hope it will be, and if it is as similar to Alice as I think it will be, I can use Katrina if I want something different and still stay in my scent range.

White Rabbit - a very beautiful scent as well. It is similar enough to Alice that I can say that I'm going to choose Alice over the Rabbit. The Rabbit isn't feminine enough.

Persephone - hum. I really like her but she is so fruity and fresh and thus best suited to Spring and Summer and not Autumn and Winter. Persephone is described as really sexy, though. Still - I don't think I want to wear her everyday, at least not in Spring and Autumn.

Dana O'Shee... Hmm. A very nice scent. But I remember it to be 100% Marzipan. And that's a bit too much for everyday wear. :P

Dragon's Milk, Antique Lace, Alice, White Rabbit, Persephone and Dana O'Shee, Snow White.

We haven't talked about scents that are on my "I need to try them" list... because, yeah if I start that I'll get overwhelmed. :cry: I'm very partial to Alice at the moment so that might sway my judgment. Now it pays that I'm staying so close in one scent family - let's say I make Alice my signature scent, then I smell like sweet creamy roses. Now, if I wear Persephone, that's a different rose but still a rose. If I wear White Rabbit, I smell like sweet and cream... and so on. So I smell similar, regardless of what I wear. Yeah.


Oh and of course my lone imp of Love Me will get put to good use as well. :wub2:

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Oh, no, I don't like Love Me. :neener:

But you know, I'm a bit superstitious so I figured it couldn't hurt if I applied Love Me somewhere, just to help things a bit. :blush:

(I just need to make sure that it doesn't have as much throw as Chuparosa has - the last time I just wanted "to help things a bit" I wore Chuparosa, which has an AMAZING throw - unfortunately, I hated it and to this day I can remember the one day I went to the movies with my crush and the whole theatre smelled like Chuparosa).

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Ugh, LOL I cannot get over the smell if I do not like it. Oh, and I am not superstitious :neener: I think that smells can have an effect on people, but this can also be affected by their personal experiences in life.

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