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My scent personality

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Juliet's Silk


I can't find an area where I can type my scent personality... so it goes in here, as does everything else. :wub2:


I know people who know me probably won't describe me the way I am going to describe me now. I have a very different outward appearance from the way I really am. People who know my "online personality" will recognize what I'm going to write here much more easily as this is where I show my "true face".

If I could choose who to be, I'd be a wood fairy-elf with long, wild flowing hair hopping from flower to flower, and then falling asleep on the grass looking into the stary sky and sending a smile to the full silver moon, while pondering deep and important questions.


Thus I like the feminine, even girly scents, sweet, light, playful. I like comforting, close-hugging scents.

My deepest love is Alice, I absolutely love carnation, and its creamy sweetness mixed with a bit of rose is just heaven for me.

I also adore White Rabbit - I really like the scent of clean linen, the sweetness, tea...

I like Antique Lace, although I feel it is a bit "boring". I adore Snow White.

I know I loved Dana O'Shee but since my last meet with it was years ago, I won't say anything finite until I receive my bottle.


I really like roses - my mother always grew roses in our garden and they smelled sooo good. Same goes for lilac. And lavender. Good memories.

I don't like florals too much but that can be a phase - maybe in a couple of months, I come back to liking florals again.

What I really don't like is lemon or anything citrussy (maybe that's why I never ordered White Rabbit before - I can vaguely remember it has a citrussy note that is completely gone in my aged imp) - fresh is good, but not citrussy. I also don't like overly sweet things or foody scents. I mean, I really like to smell them but I don't want to smell LIKE them.

My skin does strange things to musk and amps it quite a lot, and in fresh Snake Oil there is a note that becomes extremely medicinical to me (in Queen of Sheba is the same). That note vanishes with aging, fortunately.

My skin is quite dry so many scents don't have much staying power or throw on me. Dragon's Blood is good, as is musk (see above). Problem with Dragon's Blood is the staining...

Honey - uh, oh. I just noticed with dread that my skin obviously can't do the Lab's honey note as well. Just today when reading through reviews of some honey scent I thought "hey - I'm lucky that I can do the honey!". But - I can't. It's why I hate Eden and Eve, it turns bitter and disgusting on me. Ugh. I have like a bazillion scents with honey coming right now?


What my collection still needs is a dirt scent (because I love the smell of wet earth so much) - not for wearing, just for sniffing - and a bedtime scent. Somnus is a candidate for that - rose is so soothing...

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