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quikslvr #3

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trying to get back on track here...



wet: sweet, milky caramel & coconut

dry: still sweet, reminds me a lot of spooky minus the mint.

for some reason i swapped away my bottle. i guess this goes back on the wishlist.



wet: soft spices, a little sweet

dry: turned mostly floral with a touch of a resin. almost like a rose incense, but a little too heavy on the rose.



this just got discontinued, and it's one that i've always wondered about...

wet: wet, dewy florals, a little ozoney

dry: dry woodsy notes, fresh airy notes. it's very lovely! too bad it's discontinued. it's one of the few vaguely-ozone scents that have ever appealed to me.


Death on a Pale Horse

wet: pale indeed. it's fairly faint, but there's a bit of a citrus note that i can detect, and just a hint of vetiver

dry: this is so incredibly amazing. it's clean, fresh, slightly manly. but absolutely no throw. I'd be all over a 5mL if I could smell it apart from when my nose is pressed up against it.



wet: powdery neroli

dry: dry, nondescript floral; slightly woodsy, a bit of musk. it's nice but a little too soft for my tastes.



wet: lemon candy

dry: the citrusy note is completely gone, but there's a herbal/woodsy note left behind. not too much punch, but pretty all the same.


High John the Conqueror

wet: oddly sweet. since this is presumably made with high john the conqueror root, it thought it would smell more herbal or earthy.

dry: still very sweet. it almost has a suntan lotion kind of aroma to it, oddly enough. i have a high john the conqueror root--it doesn't smell at all like this. it's not a bad scent, but this is one that would probably get relegated to perfume, and not be used for its magical qualities. it doesn't remind me enough of the real root for my brain to make the connection.

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