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BPAL Madness!
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Um... hi. *fidget* I got sick of spamming the Get Personal forum, so now I'm spamming the blog island instead. Expect angst. Lots of angst. And random. And, very occasionally, the weirdest most f***ed-up crap ever, which I'm told mostly makes up for the whining.


...oh gods this is scary. :P

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Don't be scared; we don't bite. Except at specific request. :D


And believe me, I'm not at all put off by angst; you can probably wring it out of my blog by the quart.

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Okay, apparently the 403 "you don't have permission" error is actually code for "This is going to get posted every single time you try and hit the back arrow because the database told you that it didn't post". :D

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