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BPAL Madness!
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I did something right with psychology- I got a 3.8!! Math is, of course a 3.4 (curses! I was hoping to make it to a 3.5, but it just didn't happen.) and the fitness center grade was a 4.0. So my quarterly GPA is a 3.83 and my cumulative is 3.42. I'm just sort of thrilled over psych right now. Hopefully my classes for next quarter will have similar results.


In other news, I'm now a super member on the forums!

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Well, hell, I'm lucky if I could pull at .5 in math, so GO YOU!

And that is awesome about the psych grade and wow, good GPA too :blush:

I think this calls for a celebration, right?

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My husband is making me steak and salad for dinner! :blush:


And maybe I can convince him that we should rent some movies- we need to go find a copy of Saw for his dad, apparently. Yes, that does freak me out a little. Heh.


He needs to wake up, though.


But, dude! A 3.8 in psych means that I scored at least 162/200 points on the final. I know that's just an 81 or so, but it's a comprehensive final, it's not just from the midterm on- once school starts up again, I'm going to have to check it out. I was so afraid that if I did anything less than a 3.8, I'd have to take it again just to get into the radiology tech program, because it's going to be pretty competitive. Now I just have to really buckle down and study where it counts... pretty much everywhere. Heh. It'll be so nice if I can get into this program, though... I'll be going to school in town, rather than on the campus almost half an hour away, and I will be on my way to getting a real job.


Oh, and dude, I am so sure you could do better than a .5 in math (especially with the instructor I had). But thank you for the compliment anyway! :hug: Whee! It will be a good day.

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