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BPAL Madness!
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I don't think I've tried writing poetry in over a decade, and it's been way longer since I tried haiku. I have seen a lot of people expressing things through haiku on the forums and thought I'd try my hand at it. Eh, we'll see. It's 5/7/5, right?



Is such a pain in the ass

and in the wallet


The famous Snake Oil

simply does not work for me

such disappointment


O, Katharina

You, of the fruity white musk

always comforting


You lovely readers

subjected to my meager

attempt to create


Right... That was fun. I think I shall have to continue! Some other day.


My grades are available technically today. I hope I didn't completely blow psych. I am really excited about my new classes, but I shall be extra busy. More math! Plus loads of reading to do for my Lord of the Rings class. I'm most nervous about that one, to be honest.

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Whoo hoo! Love the haiku! Feel the haiku! BE the haiku.


I don't write as much as I used to, but I have a tendency to (inadvertently) insult one of the senior recruiters that I work with, every time I see him.

I am reminded of something silly I wrote once, as an apology to a friend


Oh swiftly running foot!

It is often that you pause

to jump in my mouth.


Here is one about my new favourite BPAL


A dark myrrh dreaming;

salvation in the abyss-

sleeping nothingness


(can you guess my new love?)



Keep us posted on the grades! (OMG I am in a morbid frame of mind after writing that, can you believe I just typed "graves" instead of "grades"? Whoops! I need to de-gothify!

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Again, great job with the grades! Oh and my new scent is the sleeping green murk of Oblivion :hug:


Darkness was the first to come to mind, and then later I thought of Death of the Gravedigger! Updating with a post about my grades, because :blush:

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