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BPAL Madness!
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I'm tiiiiiired

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Yeah, poor me. Hah. I am actually okay. My husband and I were grumpy at one another tonight and so I was in a bad mood- it's strange, because we rarely have arguments; we're pretty good at straight-up communication, I think, but every now and then we just sort of misfire and get on one another's nerves, and that's what happened tonight. BUT I'm trying to let it go.


I made six loaves of bread today, and studied in between. SIX, people! I gave one to my parents. Does anybody know how many cups are in a gallon, approximately? I need to figure out how many loaves of bread I get out of a gallon of milk.


So, when I was brand new, a few people sent me free imps just to get me hooked. Every now and then, when the spirit moves me and I have extras, I offer to send some out. I did that recently with someone I'd been corresponding with and feeling pretty friendly with. So I sent them to her, and it's like she fell off the face of the planet. She quit coming to the forums a few weeks after it should have arrived, and I sent her a couple of messages telling her it was on the way, and then asking if it had gotten there safely, and I heard nothing from her. This bugs me. It's not like I wanted her to shout it from the rooftops or anything; I know plenty of other people do this, but just some acknowledgement via PM or SOMETHING would have been nice. Arg.


My brain is all over the place. And I can't remember where in the brain Wernicke's area is. :nono:


Finals are scary!!!

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Sixteen cups to a gallon. Glub glub!


I hope your MIA gets in contact with you... I know what you did was in the spirit of free giving (ie not expecting anything back) but a little peep of "thanks, recieved, etc." is always nice.


Hopefully they're just tied up with holiday craziness as I have been.

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Yippee, that's about 24 loaves!


If she got tied up with the holidays, she must've started earlier than most; I sent them in October. :P Even still, it's okay. I just get anxious about stuff like that.

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