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I am just wiped out. 3 more days of classes and then I'm done with this quarter, and I am SO READY for it to be over.


So the birth of my new nephew has me daydreaming about having a baby, which I know is so incredibly wierd in light of my recent total spaz-out over the thought of a parasite living inside me, but... I don't know. It's not quite as disgusting as before, because babies are just so amazing.


Yeah, I'm a freak. But my nephew is frickin' gorgeous. (And I really wanted to be able to go down there for the holidays to see him. Sigh.)


It will be a few years before we make any decisions in that area, though.

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Dude. THREE MORE DAYS. As of Wednesday night, the quarter is officially over for me too and I am officially on HOLIDAY for a MONTH.


And yes, I should be memorizing the muscles in the upper limb right now. But I'm not. Because if I SEE another stupid index card right now with my anatomy-related crap written all over it I think the blood vessels in my eyes will pop. No more flash cards!! Sick of the anatomy flash cards!!! AAARGH!


*deep breath* Three more days, three more days, three more days...

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Hee! I am SO WITH YOU! Except it's psychology that has me playing hooky right now. But then we get a month! A WHOLE MONTH! (Almost- I go back on the 2nd, but it's to all new classes, which is exciting.)


I cannot wait for my A&P classes next year.

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