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BPAL Madness!
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I'm going to be a homeowner!

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I put in an offer on a townhouse yesterday.


Holy crap, this attaching an album to an entry thing is *cool*. Only it seems to only have 9 out of my 11 pictures, and it doesn't include the captions. See the full gallery for more details.


Anyway, check out the pictures. It's an end unit, so I only have a neighbor on one side, and there's no neighbors to the back, just a stand of trees and way back behind those is the fitness center. I ran out of charge on my camera before I got pictures of the bedrooms, but there's really nothing exciting about those.


It's hot a new heating/ac system (with a digital thermostat! so I'll be able to program it to heat when I'm nome and not when I'm not and stuff) and I'll have a full-on laundry room in the basement, where I can have a normal, not stacked washer and dryer. I'm excited.


And this is the development it's in: Chesterfield Village Townhomes

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Congratulations! :)


Those digital thermostats rock hard -- we had one installed a year or two ago and you can tell it to keep the A/C or heat down when no one's home during the day, and normal on evenings and weekends. Hooray for micromanaging your thermostat! :)

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Oh, congratulations!


I keep eyeing the real estate listings; a townhome would be nifty, except for my need for good studio space -- which translates into "uncarpeted", "well-ventilated", and "fire-proof-able". :)


Someday soon, though, I hope...

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Huzzah! Congratulations!


What an excellently positioned townhouse, too! And while I am also enamoured of your secluded woody view, I gotta say this townhouse won me over with the track lighting in the kitchen. (And glass top range... so easy to clean! I've just become my mother just at this very moment.)


And nothing catalyzes the nesting instinct like actually looking forward to doing your laundry in machines of your own choosing.


Have fun making that townhouse your home! :)


Edited to add: whoops, I just read your captions (originally just did the slideshow). So... can you send that glasstop range to my mother? :) Some of my friends did their own kitchen up in all black appliances (including the microwave). Very slick looking!

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