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BPAL Madness!
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About this blog

I needed a place to keep track of all the BPAL scents that I've tested, so here we are. We'll see what else happens.

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BPAL Scents I've Tried, Sorted

Latest Update: January 23, 2023   A Picnic in Arkham Arkham Azathoth   Activism Abolish ICE No Coward Soul Is Mine   American Gods Shadow The Small Brown Cat   Ars Amatoria Bathsheba Bien Loin D'Ici Debauchery Defututa Harlot Hunger La Petite Mort Le Lèthè Le Serpent Qui Danse Lolita Maiden Spellbound Vixen   Ars Moriendi Deep In Earth Jazz Funeral The Ghost Twilight Zombi   Bewitching Brews Anne Bonny Bewitched Black Forest Black Pearl Bliss Blood Blood Kiss Blood Pearl Chimera Come To Me Dee Highwayman Jack Jolly Roger Juke Joint Kubla Khan Lampades Ouija Plunder Rakshasa Scherezade Schrodinger's Cat The Coiled Serpent The Forest Reverie The Jersey Devil The Raven Yggdrasil Zephyr   BITCH PLANET Non-Compliant The Catholic   Carnaval Diabolique The Chapel   Conjure Bag Love Me Van Van Wolf's Heart   Diabolus Baobhan Sith Bloodlust Dracul Fenris Wolf Goblin Hell's Belle Kitsune-Tsuki Marie Nephilim Phobos Wicked   Discontinued Scents Baghdad Eris Danube Niflheim Slobbering Pine The Music of Erich Zahn Umbra   Doc Constantine's Pharmacopoeia Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener   Event Exclusive Surly Dragon   Excolo Al-Shairan Alecto Baron Samedi Coyote Czernobog Gaueko Hades Hecate Kurukulla Nyx Pele Persephone Shango Sjöfn Thanatos Xiuhtecuhtli   Gifts with Donation or Purchase Marshmallow Chick Sanguinem Menstruum (2019) Pumpkin Pie Musk   Good Omens Madame Tracy (2007)   Halloweenie All Souls (2006) Bobbing for Blood Kisses (2022) In Night When Colors All Are Black To Cast (2020) Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch (2020) Pumpkin Booze (2020) Pumpkin Spice Absinthe (2021) Pumpkin Spice Perversion (2017) Pumpkin Spice Snake Latte (2021) Pumpkinville (2021) Samhain (2021) The Necromancer (2022) Voluptuous Wantonness (2019)   Illyria Iago Katharina Lady MacBeth Othello Robin Goodfellow The Apothecary Titania   Inspiration Bram Stoker   Liliths A Demon and Her Unholy Basketball (2020) Cerberus'ish (2021) Cruor (2021) Étienne De Boray Oak (2020)   Limited Editions Black Swallowtail Every Day You Play With The Light Of The Universe Irish Coffee Buttercream Jareth Luke 10:25-37 On Imagination The Divine Scientist The Hierophant's Benediction The Woman at the Edge of the Woods Woman As Dragon   Lupercalia Blissful Domesticity (2021) Box of Chocolates (2011) Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head (Shunga 2021) Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking (Shunga 2021) Right Atrium (2019)   Mad Tea Party Alice's Evidence Cheshire Cat High-Strung Daisies The Dodo The Queen of Hearts White Rabbit   Marchen Baba Yaga The Grave-Pig The Sea Foams Blood   Only Lovers Left Alive Blood Popsicle Café Mille et Une Nuits Diamond Star Hal In Templum Dei July 23, 1868   Phoenix Steamworks & Research Facility Galvanic Goggles The Antikythera Mechanism The Obsidian Widow The Robotic Scarab   Rappaccini's Garden Belladonna Black Lily Black Lotus Black Rose Blood Rose Deadly Nightshade Honey Strangler Fig   Retail Exclusive Descent (Haute Macabre)   RPG Bard Cleric Drider Crossing Guard Dwarven Ale Elf Evil Fighter Lawful Monk Neutral Rogue Vial of Holy Water   Sin & Salvation Death On A Pale Horse Envy Greed Lust Oblivion Parapatman Roadhouse Rose Cross The Bow & Crown of Conquest Vice   The Last Unicorn Schmendrick   The Vampire Tarot The Pope   Twilight Alchemy Lab New Beginnings (2020)   Vampires Don't Sleep Alone Misericordia Sanctus Silenti Transeo   Wanderlust Cairo Eden El Dorado Hollywood Babylon Paris Port Royal Shanghai Tenochtitlan Windward Passage   Yules Gingerbread Witch (2020) In Splendoribus Sanctorum (2019)



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