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BPAL Madness!
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PBSW has their Yuletide Winter collection out sans candles (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2020-yuletide-winter-limited-editions/) that are coming soon. Is there anything you'd like? Also any scents you'd like as candles when they come out?

I think I've had Sozzled before or something similar and really liked it.

It's not seasonal but I'm definitely interested in trying Perdita, which has a lot of my favorite floral notes.


If you like incense what type to you use? Stick/cone/loose?

No incense, thanks!


Do you have a favorite animal?

I love ALL the animals. Otters and all other mustelids (badgers, skunks, pine martens, weasels, etc.); sea creatures (manta rays, leafy sea dragons, mola mola/giant sunfish); camels/llamas; cheetahs and manuls/Pallas cats


Would you like gloves/mittens/scarf/winter hat?

I have so many beautifully knitted items from these swaps and will probably not be wearing that many this winter! I would definitely wear big comfy socks (size 9) or leg warmers (let me know if you'd need a size).


Loose/bagged tea?

I'll use either! I could also use an easy-to-clean tea infuser. I've got a couple of novelty silicone ones and a mesh tea ball but I've found that the kinds I have are just not easy to clean.


Would you be interested in trying out anything from Nocturne Alchemy Lab?

I've been able to try a few things from there that I liked! Anything that seems to fit with my preferred notes, absolutely.


Would you like a batch of home-made bath salts?



Anything catch your eye from Dandelion Chocolate?

The passionfruit jam, hot chocolate (intrigued by the green tea version), and I'll try pretty much anything!


What's a thing you always tell yourself you're going to get just for you but haven't yet? Name one thing under $10 and one thing over $10

This is a good question and tough!

Under $10 - See above about a better tea infuser!

Over $10 - An electric wax warmer or a milk frother


What's your favorite type of chocolate? (milk, white, dark, with nuts, with fruit, flavored chocolate, etc.)

I love milk chocolate turtles - caramel and pecans. Anything with nuts.
I don't mind white chocolate (and I like white chocolate with fruit, as long as it isn't peach or cherry).

I like dark up to about 70% but my husband will happily eat anything higher.


How do you feel about stationery? (letter sets, stickers, pens, etc.)

Blank note cards! Stickers are also fun. Sticky notes get used.


If you had to pick a favorite flavor (sweet, spicy, sour, savory, salty) what would it be?

Too hard to pick just one!!! I am definitely the type of person who likes weird flavor combos and mixes everything together on her plate. I've got a terrible sweet tooth though.


What's one food/flavor that you absolutely hate or dislike strongly?

Just one? There are a few things that I will go to great lengths to avoid: fish, tomatoes, licorice, almond extract. I also can't have kiwi or stonefruits.


For the purposes of this swap (not trying to start an international perfume debate), is honey a gourmand note?

I think someone else said that it can amp other gourmand notes, which I think is true. But I don't think it is one on its own. I prefer honey over more traditional "foodie" scents!


Thoughts about lovely bespoke cleansing scrubs a la Sugar Spider (https://sugarspider.shop/) or PBSW sorbets?

I have never even heard of Sugar Spider. So cool! Not interested in chocolate scents but I'd absolutely try anything else from there. I love PBSW sorbettos.


How about literary writing gloves?

Ugh yes. I love Storiarts and I've never bought anything from them before. In particular Shakespeare, Frankenstein, Secret Garden, Poe, Sherlock Holmes.


Tokidoki, anyone? Other cute kawaii goodness? Plushies, blind boxes, etc?

I had never heard of Tokidoki, haha. But I looked them up and the mermaid unicorns are maybe my new favorite thing. I do like tiny things - I have two type drawer shadowboxes with plenty of space on them.


Fun cloth masks? Holiday themed or no? Favorite style? 

I actually have *lots* of masks and hardly go out at all.


Journals or Sketchpads or Sketchbooks - yay or nay?

I have so many already!

Face masks (like the kind that come one to a package?

Sure! I do use them. I have sensitive, congested, acne-prone skin.

Anything from Sock Dreams?

I'd love to receive socks (footies or higher!) in natural fibers or at least a 70% natural fiber blend. My calves are 16" and my thighs are about 24". I'm fine with straight-sizing until it gets to a knee-high or taller and then I usually need plus sized.


Is there anything from The Netherlands you’d like to get, maybe some candy or snacks you never had, but you want to try? I actually have a lot of Dutch ancestry but know very little about what would be available there (we've been in the US since the 1600s...). I love stroopwafel and European chocolate and unusual flavored candies (but not licorice, which I know is popular there).

Entries in this blog


BPALentines Questions

Tell me what kinds of coffee you like- whole bean? Grind? (If grind, what type?)  What notes of coffee do you like?
I tend to like coffees that are described as chocolatey or caramely or nutty. Caffeine or decaf. Whole bean. Flavors are good but I tend to avoid fruity ones. I like warm spices, hazelnut, that sort of thing. Best if you have a local roaster!   Jewelry?? Types? Sizes? Styles? Colors? I like plant/animal-themed. I wear hair jewelry and earrings more than anything but also always love a matched set.     What are your favourite colours? Are you happy with Valentine's themed colours? Patterns? Pinks are not my favorite but I don't mind them when blended with other things!  I do swap out some of the art and things like tea towels and stuff in my house for the seasons so some Valentine's themed patterns/colors are fine!    Would you be interested in anything from Ravenstone? I love anything with animals/insects/plants on it. Also tiny things - fossils, stones, etc - that I can set on my minatures shelves.  
Do you have any interest in journals, planners, habit trackers, etc.? No thanks! 
Do you have a goodreads account or somewhere that tracks which books you've already read/own? (I'm especially curious if you'd like a copy of American Gods, as I have a spare that needs rehoming): Goodreads in my sig, very active though doesn't necessarily track what I own vs what I've read (lots of my "reading" is via audiobook.) I do indeed own a copy of AG though! 
What kind of tea do you like? Type (loose leaf vs bag), and also flavors? We'll drink anything here! I don't drink much straight black tea but the husband will if I don't.  
Would you be interested in anything from https://snagtights.com/, I keep meaning to try their tights! I'm probably a size F. I'm up for anything!    Are you interested in secondhand oracle/tarot decks? No thanks!    What category of makeup (and what shades) are you most interested in? I don't really wear much makeup but nail polish (wacky colors are fine) or sample size lipsticks are always welcome!  
Are you interested in ritual oils (e.g. Twilight Alchemy Lab stuff)? If so, what kind of intentions/magic resonate with you right now?
No thanks!   
Are you interested in incense? What formats?
No thanks!   
Super specific, but pls note if you are a fan of Taylor Swift... She's fine and I don't actively dislike her, will occasionally bop to her music but am definitely not a "fan."   Favorite colors: Blues, purples, teals, ocean colors, forest colors. Not big on pastels and neons.    Things from Mexico:  Spices, seasonings, hot sauces! Just no cilantro please lol    Hats or mittens:  I have so many hats and mittens so no thank you!   Are you into citrus/ fruity scents? Yes yes yes. Citrus especially. I would like to smell like orange juice or lemonade all the time.    Which florals are a yes/no? Death notes? I'm pretty ok on all florals but I love rose, peony, lilac, and orchid the best.    Are you into Skincare/haircare? Sheet masks/cleansers/hair masks? False lashes? I'm not obsessed but I do use sheet masks and hair masks! I wouldn't say no to false lashes but I only wear the magnetic (liner) kind because I can't use the glue.    Does honey work with your skin chem? Buttercream? Honey yes. I avoid baked goods foodie scents so a no on buttercream-heavy scents but they're usually fine when mixed with fruit.    If you said "yes" to OCYL, which houses have you been dying to try? Which ones aren't compatible with your skin chem? I don't have any preferences!    Do you have a personal motto or favorite quote that you would like incorporated into either some stationery/notecards, or done up in calligraphy? "Fear is the mind-killer." (Dune) because I'm a nerd. "When the sun comes up I will leave without a trace; the world was mine today." (Enter the Haggis)   




12 Nights of Christmas 2021

Is there anything you forgot to put on your Qs you wish you had? I think I forgot to mention what I collect. I like llamas, camels, otters, and teeny tiny things I can put on my letterbox drawer shelves.    If you were down with knitted or crocheted items: do you prefer a wearable or amigarumi? If wearable, is there something you’d really like? If amigarumi anything you love? Amigarumi are the best! Especially really strange ones. I've got a couple of platypuses that friends have made for me (it's a running joke that I don't really believe in them...) and would find it very funny to get more.    Teeturtle is having one of their megasales - any tshirts, or whatever, that strike your fancy? Size/fit? Socks are always good but I have way too many t-shirts.    What is the best book you've read recently? I read so many books and tend to like all of them! I just read Why Fish Don't Exist by Lulu Miller and really liked it. I've been in the dredges of horror lately (it's spooky season!) with some Justina Ireland and Alma Katsu. Caitlin Doughty's books are always favorites of mine but I have all of them. Just discovered Stephen Graham Jones and I'm obsessed!    What are some examples of decorations you would enjoy? Twinkly lights, woodland animals, garlands.    Is there any kind of accessory or product you'd want for your hair? I use barrettes and hair ties and big poofy scrunchies and hair sticks.     What is your jewelry style? Delicate, nature-y, very Art Nouveau. Or ridiculous animals.    Are you interested in fandom themed items based on the movies/shows you're into? Definitely!     Are you interested in spicy sauces/jams etc? Oh yes absolutely in fact this is exactly the sort of thing I like to receive!   Are you interested in Thai snacks? e.g. Thai brand crisps, wafer roll type things, savoury small crackers Sure!   I make light-weight yarn-and-silk-ribbon hair falls. Would you be interested in getting some? I probably wouldn't wear a big one but I have a mermaid/siren renaissance festival outfit that could use some accessories in subdued ocean colors (nothing too bright!).    What are your favorite animals or mythical creatures? I love all animals. Really. The running joke is that I think platypuses are mythical beasts so my friends give me platypus things. I love otters and other mustelids (badgers, weasels, skunks), all ocean creatures (particularly manta rays, leafy sea dragons, mimic octopuses, sharks, manatees), llamas and camels, and cheetahs and rhinos. I also love mermaids.    I actively support Defenders of Wildlife and am curious if any of these would be of interest?   https://gifts.defenders.org/wildlife-adoptions?price=20-30  There are many animals on there that I love!!   I'm candying citrus peel this year. Oranges, mostly. Is that something you would like? Chocolate dipped? What about homemade caramel sauce? I'm not fond of fruit plus chocolate so no on the chocolate dipped, but I will DEVOUR plain candied citrus peel. Also a resounding yes to caramel sauce.    Do you like adult coloring books at all and if so do any of the ones from this store strike your fancy? https://70eastbooks.com/collections/coloring-book-1?page=1 I am not really a coloring book person, I'm afraid.    how do you feel about solid perfumes? I'm a fan!    Is there anything in particular you'd want from the UK? Dog-themed UK things are always funny here because my dog Amelia is an English setter and very proud of her heritage.   Are you ok with paper books at all? Personally I prefer them.   Do you already have expansion packs for your fave card games? I don't think I listed my favorite card games but we own and are big fans of Coup (and we have the Reformation expansion) and Love Letter.    Are you interested in perfume samples/decants, or only full sizes? Either!    Are you interested in oracle decks?  Maybe? If they had really pretty artwork or some kind of interesting mechanism to them, but they aren't really something I use normally. That said, I've been known to draw tarot cards for writing inspiration so I'm not ruling it out.    How about wax melts? Sure!   are you interested in a muscle rub that is similar to icy hot but is homemade by us? Yes! CBD is kind of wasted on me (it doesn't seem to affect me at all) so save yourself the expense and send me the non-CBD version lol    How about some home grown organic cat nip? My cats would love this!   How do you feel about fruit infused sugar/syrup? Oh they'd absolutely get used   How do you feel about candied quince? Yes! 




13 Nights 2021!

Oh my gosh, so many questions. I'm going to attempt to answer them all and keep them here: 

  Cross-stitched Halloween ornament? Oh definitely Are there any collage artists in the mix? I just de-stashed a bunch of stuff so I don't think I'm looking to add anything more right now  Dragon Con 2021 scents? Cutie Dragon and Dragon Sneeze are exactly the sorts of scents I wear all the time.   HP House? I'm a Hufflepuff who is heartbroken by JKR. I refuse to give her any more of my money.  - This said, I'm obsessed with mustelids and have been since I was a kid. I own a lot of badger (and otter and weasel) related things and still wear them very happily.  Do you like any art from these two sellers? I love pretty much everything from both of them. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaitlinMcCarthyArt - I have a wall of weird/creepy portrait-style art in my house set up like a family portrait wall so these are right up my alley. Mermaids, Brigid, Edward Scissorhands, Lydia and Beetlejuice, Laszlo and Nadja, pretty much all of them https://www.etsy.com/shop/BatinYourBelfry - Love all of this too!!  Lightweight yarn-and-ribbon hairfalls - would you like a set in the colors and length of your choice? I wouldn't wear a large one as a regular fall but would wear a small one that I could pin on like a hair wrap or braid/bun weave in. Very flexible about colors but no neons or yellows. 🙂 My hair is about 20" long from the nape of my neck.  Would you appreciate a skein of handspun yarn? If yes, what weight? What colors? How do you feel about beads? Any allergies to typical fibers? I can't wear wool but it's ok in yarn since I am trying to learn tapestry weaving! Any kind of fun yarn is fine.  Do you like stickers? Patches? Buttons? No patches but yes to stickers and buttons.  Do you spend time in the outdoors? Yes!  Do you enjoy cooking and/or baking? Yes!  The Paintbox Soapworks Weenie collection! Would you like anything? All the G.O.A.T. lol  The Pickety Witch is taking pre-orders for their new Halloween pins. Have any caught your eye? ahhhh the baby goat and the kitten Would you like any wax melts, candles, whipped soaps, sugar whips (whipped soap/scrub hybrid), body butter sugar scrubs (moisturizing scrub), meringues (lotion), bath bombs, or bath rocks from Zeep? I love whipped soaps and sugar scrubs and any combination of the two. Also candles. I burn a lot of candles.  Does anyone like vintage Halloween? Yes!! Cats and adorable witches in particular. It seems like a lot of shops’ Halloween lines have items related to the same standard fandoms, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, etc.  Do any of those (or other ones) particularly resonate with you? I love: Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, Addams Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sabrina (old or new or comic!), What We Do in the Shadows. Plus cats and bats and spiders.  If you like tea, how do you want it delivered? Loose? Bags? Tiny little messenger pigeons (subject to availability)? Any of the above, slight preference for pigeons.  How do you feel about atmospheric/novelty scents and novelty food items? Things like "new car candle" or "eyeball jawbreaker" or whatever. I'm always up for anything ridiculous. Would you prefer to receive ONE HUGE (more expensive) GIFT and 12 inexpensive ones, a few more expensive, or all about the same price? Oooooh this will not be helpful but I'm cool with whatever works for you! I mentioned in my survey that my preference for inexpensive things is consumables/not a lot of plastic stuff, so as long as that works for you I'm totally fine with whatever!  What are your fandoms, if any? I've gotten less and less obsessed with things over the years; Harry Potter broke me. But am a big fan of: Star Wars, Doctor Who (I'm not caught up and am currently still in the Matt Smith era; David Tennant is my Doctor but I have a dog named Amelia Pond). Jurassic Park. My favorite superheroes are the Scarlet Witch and Deadpool.  Do you collect things like tarot decks?  If so do you have a wishlist or a list of ones you already have?  Would you like a silk tarot bag? No, I don't.  Do you like rocks/crystals?  What colors kinds?  Would you like them in bead format (holes drilled?) I like fun tiny things that I can put on my letterpress drawer shelves and that includes cool rocks and crystals, but am not a ~crystal~ person.  My mom has an etsy store - she makes bags.  Do you love anything from it? Doctor Who! Also my cats would love a yip yip.  Let's say you want something knitted.  What are you most interested in?  Plushies mostly 🙂 Are you interested in receiving any of the following homemade / home dried / home canned goodies? Anything but peaches, honestly! I love homemade stuff.  How do you feel about oracle decks? No thanks!  Would you like witchy/ritual oils/sundries? Any limitations (e.g. deities you won't work with)? No thanks!  Is there anything you would like to try from the UK specifically? (e.g. Lush exclusives) Nothing specific but I do like snacks from other countries. Oh, and are you into astrology? No What size shoe do you wear (inc wide/narrow, etc)? Women's US 7 regular. Do you like/would you want to receive comic books? Any favorite genres or characters? Yes! I like sci-fi, Deadpool. I'm not too picky. I appreciate a good story. Would you like a palm stone, or anything else, from Haute Macabre? Palm stones not so much, but I like things with interesting shapes and textures! What's your favorite flower? Orchids and roses. What's you favorite woodland creature? River otters, pine martens, badgers - mustelids in general!  Do you prefer receiving a big box with all of your goodies, or is it okay if one or two things are shipped directly to you separately (with notice!!) for customs/shipping cost purposes (i.e. if there's something customs might not allow in from the States that can be shipped from within your country)? 100% ok with this!  Would you like a fabric face mask? If so, do you prefer a dome shape or a pleated shape? I've got a lot of pleated ones and am trying to get a few more dome shapes, preferably with nose wires!  Can I interest you in cleanser, sheet masks, moisturizer, sample things etc etc.?  Or a general pampering package? What is your skin type? Definitely, especially in sample sizes. I have very sensitive, fairy, acne-prone, oily skin.  Anything from ChocolateStoryBook etsy? I don't like traditional cotton candy (only maple fluff) but I'll try anything and I'm very by the fruity/sour flavors!  Anything interesting from either Hexennacht or Mr. Hex? I've never tried either but:  Hexennacht wishlist: Golden Milk and Pineapple Dole Whip Cream Soda both sound amazing  Mr. Hex blends that I love more of: Calico, Catsuma, Nose Boop Would you like some delicious coffee? If so, do you prefer whole bean or ground? If ground, what grind? Also, light or dark roast? Flavor preferences? Whole bean, medium or light roast, I like nutty flavors but any kind of coffee will be used in my household!  I may be going to the Renaissance Fair this weekend (if not this weekend then soon and multiple times), any Ren Faire goodies you may like? I love faire stuff in general!  I always go to my town's local Farmer's Market and they have booths selling things like candles, Gourmet Pickles, Flavored Oils and Vinegars, dog treats (like bones and animal feet), honey, and bath products. Would you like any of these things? any. all of those things. stuff produced locally to you is the best!    Any significant other or other special person? Like if I wanted to send you specialty cocoa for a date night, would that be OK? Definitely!    Is there something that you definitely prefer to not receive in any category (anything to avoid if you hadn't/forgotten to mention)? I think I mentioned everything!    Are there patterns/prints (more guidance than general Halloween/Autumn) you like for things or are you open to whatever I may find that speaks to me? I like leaves - especially maple leaves. Spiders, bats, cats. But I think I'd also be ok with whatever speaks to you. I'm not really into Day of the Dead stuff unless it is a part of your culture which you wish to share with me. 

  I make homemade fire ciders, would that be of interest? Non-alcoholic and they are quite fiery. Definitely!   Are you interested in getting other BPAL items besides perfume, like hair gloss, bath oils or T-shirts? No shirts thanks, but definitely usable stuff!    I would love to request folks to to put their wish list in this thread and link in their signature. I would love to decant from my oils if I have any my person is looking for!  Mine is there 🙂 Link   Do you have an Amazon link?  Can you post it?? I don't keep one, sorry. 😞 
if you are a knitter/crocheter, are you over on Ravelry?  If so, what’s your user name there?? I am not    So partner, would you be interested in a Frankenbag done in Halloween prints? I am always in need of tote bags. Yes, yes I would.    Y'all with furbabies... Are there any food allergies/sensitivities or quirks to know about?  It's not an allergy but my setter is the pickiest dog I know. She spits out peanut butter and pepperoni . She spits out anything peanut butter flavored. The boxer mix doesn't care though!    how do you feel about (ethically sourced) butterfly / moth art (in a jar or shadowbox) I'm fine with this!   If you mentioned aversions to any common Halloween decor items (skeletons, witches, spiders, etc.), how encompassing is that? Specifically, is a "kid friendly" drawing of that same item on a piece of decor (like, a book cover or wrapping paper) still a preferred pass?  that's fine    Would you be interested in receiving a never-used eyeshadow palette from Nororiously Morbid (gothy colors) and/or a never-used eyeshadow palette from Pretty Vulgar (romantic neutrals)? I wear makeup so infrequently it would probably be wasted on me.    I may have preemptively picked out 2 Halloween-themed mugs with cute matching spoons, before I knew who my match was going to be! So I leave it to you: Bat, or Cat? (I'll keep the other  ) Oh dear I love them both but I guess bat??    We've asked about candy, but let's talk specifically about gummies. Do you like crazy shapes, sweet/sour? yes, yes, yes. i love all the gummies.    Anything from these Etsy shops? Kodiak Sea Charms, Halloween Hill Studio, Grave Markings I love sea glass, and the halloween dog stuff from Halloween hill studio!    What about the Mutter Museum's gift shop? I've been before and have some things from there already. I do love books and prints.    Beach town treats: taffy!    How do you feel about fancy marshmallows? yes!    Are you interested in anything specifically Japanese I could get for you here (doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween themed)? For example, are you a fan of the anime Demon Slayer and want merch? Are you interested in trying some fun kit-kat flavors? Do you need a new set of pretty chopsticks? I can't think of anything specific but I do love Pokemon (Team Rocket and Meowth) and my favorite anime is probably Soul Eater. And I love candy and fun Kit-Kats!    In the meantime- there is an excellent chance teeturtle will have a sale in time for this swap: anything (particularly tshirts or socks) that appeal? Sizes? socks are a yes!    Also, the Haus of Gloi Fall Part 1 drops soon, anything here you like? I like their scrubs   Do you have a favorite candy(ies) [or prepacked individual snacks] that you wouldn't mind filling up your box as packing material? Or teas/coffee blends you'd enjoy? If you prefer none of this, that's fine too! I'm not picky! I just love candy.    Could you use a journal or sketchbook? no thank you!    Do you need BPAL storage?  Imps?  Bottles? no thank you!    Do you wear socks?  What kind?  No show, ankle, knee high, over the knee?  Fibers? any kind, but my shins are thick. 🙂 Preference for mostly- or 100%-cotton or bamboo    8/27/21   I grow mugwort and it's harvest season. Would you like dried leaves for bathing or tea? dried leaves would be lovely!    I grow loads of other herbs and I'm drying them now. Any favorites you might like? Mint, basil, oregano, chives, lemon balm or others? I promise any of them would be used in our house. 🙂   I grew a huge load of onions and garlic. Any interest? also would love these    Feathers? I have geese, ducks, peafowl, chickens and quail. So I collect their shed feathers and share them with people I like. yes!    I grew a boatload of Green Shiso this year and plan to make a shiso pesto with it. Would you like some? (Nut wise it has pistachios)  also yes!    I also plan to experiment with infusing it in vodka. I'm planning a plain shiso infusion and a shiso citrus infusion. If they turn out would you like some? yes! to all the food stuff!    8/28/21   Would you be interested in this hand sanitizer dispenser/keychain that doubles as a light (its eyes light up when you press between its eyes!)?  um this is the cutest thing ever.    If you're into tabletop games, what games do you already own, and/or what type are you interested in? I own way too many to list, but we are fans of co-op games that can be played with only two people     8/29/21    DO YOU LIKE TRUE CRIME STORIES? not particularly    DO YOU LIKE SEASONAL MAGAZINES ON BAKING AND DECORATING? sure!    If you are enthused by the idea of receiving coffee, do you want whole bean or ground? AND do you have flavors that you like (or definitely hate and never want again)? whole bean! I don't love fruit-flavored coffees   8/30/21   Would you be interested in some very size-inclusive tights? There are Halloween patterns, but also most colours under the sun, and are very comfy. sure! I wear a size 2x/18 in bottoms    What about indie chilli sauces/chutneys/jams? What type of chilli/spice level? yes, and SPICY. 
  In case anyone else shares a love for adorable tiny plushies, any interest in v soft and cute vegetable/fruit plushies? There are also small animals. i like tiny animals and am less interested in fruits or veggies (except as dog/cat toys, because it's too cute when they carry them around)   The Polish Pickup/Indie Pickup is live for wishlisting, and will ship in time for this swap (this year). Anything strike your fancy? (It's not just nail polish...there's jewelry and bath scrubs and wax tarts and all manner of things. It's fun!)  https://polishpickup.com/ I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by looking at the website, but I do like all of those things   8/31/21   Anything here sound good to you? https://gryffonridge.com/ we LOVE spice blends and fancy salts and sugars in our house as long as they don't contain cilantro.    Hayden Evens Art has released some new Halloween and Disney-themed prints and stickers.  Do any spark your interest?: they are all very fun!    So would you hate or be into more miscreant Halloween vibe decor - like wholesome figurines repainted, creepy dolls, goats with horns, (fake) animal skeletons, things in jars? Is anything too dark, morbid, or recoil worthy? just no clowns thanks   do you use any sorts of semipermanent dyes or do anything fun/wild to your hair? are there any hair products you like? I'm not interested in dye but I do always appreciate new hair decorations or the latest "here is an accessory that will make it look like you did something fancy with your hair even though you're actually lazy"    what about skincare? i am pretty into k beauty and am curious if others are interested in any aspects of this. I'm not particularly knowledgeable but am always happy to try new stuff      9/2/21   Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.'s Halloween & Fall collection is out (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com/collections/halloween-fall-collection😞 anything you might be interested in? we burn a LOT of soy candles in our house    Regarding tea, what type of tea do you prefer? Black tea, green tea, herbal tea? Any type of tea you really don’t enjoy? I prefer herbal teas but anything will be used in my house   9/4/21   are you interested in eco-friendly menstrual products? There are some beautiful gothic print reuseable pads I'm looking at specifically. no ty    9/6/21   Bath and Body Works? I know this is a bit of a love em or hate em company, but I really love their foaming hand soaps and scented hand sanitizers and my kids like their body wash, so I'll be placing an order with the next good sale. Anything that catches your eye? I can't use a lot of their stuff because of allergies but I like their hand sanitizers and lip balm. 



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