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Mod post: No wishlist posts in blogs

Posted by Silvertree, 07 February 2012 · 1,869 views

Please be aware that we do not permit swap-related content on profiles or in blogs. Please post this content only in the For Sale, Swaps, and Wanted forums, or in the Wishlists topic. ~from Swapping 101


Forum update/news for February 2011

Posted by Belladonnastrap, 11 February 2011 · 631 views
news, skins
Hello, BPAL.ORG!

As we mentioned before, one of the things the moderators/admins are trying out is keeping you more informed. A lot of stuff gets discussed in the running of a major forum like this, but you folks don't hear most of that. We'd like to rope you in a bit... hence this blog! We'll be using it to keep you updated, toss out...

An Introduction to the Stash Manager

Posted by quantum spice, 03 January 2011 · 1,506 views
howto, software, release and 1 more...
We've got a new tool that'll be released later today - the Stash Manager . It's been something people have been wanting for years (literally! There are posts from 2004 asking for stash tracking), and it's something I've always wanted to do, but with the software I built our feedback off of, I was finally able to give you - I've...

Our chat room has been updated!

Posted by quantum spice, 21 December 2010 · 473 views
upgrade, chat
Our chat room has had a small upgrade. Nothing really changed from a usability standpoint, but some minor back end changes were made.

An option to automatically kick inactive users has been added
An option to disable the "user has left/entered room" messages has been added
An option not to show the recent chats when a user enters the room has be...

A Peek Behind the Curtain (software in the works)

Posted by quantum spice, 21 December 2010 · 581 views
software, preview
I don't really talk about the software development process here, because I figure that outside of a few technically inclined people, nobody really cares. I also don't really talk about the things I'm working on for the forum very much because it takes quite some time for me to go from "idea!" to something I can release for you to u...

Forum Software Upgrade (updated)

Posted by quantum spice, 05 December 2010 · 360 views
upgrade, software
We recently updated the forum software. As these things tend to go, there were a few unexpected bumps.

When we updated, BBCode, the Gallery, Feedback, and Unresolved Swaps were not functional. They now are, hooray!

Now to tell y'all about the updates!

Forums had actually a really boring update - it just fixed bugs and was setting things u...

[BANNED] SugarCookie (aka: shadowdoll, Cygnet, fairydoll, sakuratart, playingwithaloadedgun)

Posted by quantum spice, 16 July 2010 · 424 views
User Ban Log
SugarCookie created several duplicate accounts on 14 June 2010 after receiving less than stellar feedback.

On 24 June 2010, we instigated an investigation into the duplicate accounts due to the sheer amount found by the analyzer (three mostly unused secondary accounts: shadowdoll, Cygnet, fairydoll; two primary accounts: SugarCookie, sakuratart) and gave...

[BANNED] ebonykawai, aka httpoo, aka raineygirl; shelldoo

Posted by quantum spice, 06 October 2009 · 1,075 views
User Ban Log
After some drama blazed about her e-tail business, Atropa's Cottage, ebonykawaii created a sock puppet account, httpoo (on 17 May 2006). We were aware of its existence, but didn't do anything about it because initially, it was not being used.

On 11 Sept 2009, httpoo was used to troll in a topic about the Black Butterfly Moon (August 2009) update....

[BANNED] beneathglass, aka Lia, aka loviatorthertip, aka herokitty

Posted by quantum spice, 06 August 2009 · 360 views
User Ban Log
From roughly June 14-June 30, beneathglass contacted in excess of 100 members, offering to swap and/or sale.

By July 3, we had received so many reports about slow swap/non communication that we restricted her access to the swaps forum.

Around July 7, she was restricted from the private areas of the forum.

On July 8, she created Lia and loviatorthertip...

Banning and our forum...

Posted by quantum spice, 13 July 2009 · 505 views
User Ban Log
In the past, there's been a lot of speculation and false assumptions made concerning the banning of member accounts on this forum. Among many there seems to be a lot of false impressions over how often and how easily it is to get banned here. This may be in part our fault, as we have never drawn attention to the banning process, nor did typically di...

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