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BPAL Madness!
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May Lunacy Release, PLUS The Fool's Journey, PLUS...

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We’ve really done it this time. The RABBIT MOON Lunacy has arrived, and it brought some friends... including our in-depth olfactory exploration of the tarot, after a break of some years. Here’s everything you’ll find in today’s release, which can also all be found lumped together in this link:



🐇 RABBIT MOON perfume and tee, featuring art by Drew Rausch

🕊 The Fool’s Journey: THE HIEROPHANT - eleven perfumes focusing on symbolic aspects and faces of this archetypal figure

🖤 BROOD X: a perfume paying tribute to our temporary insect overlords!

👯Five new DUETS — simple, two-note fragrance blends

 CLEANING HOUSE and SEALING SANCTUARY oils by Twilight Alchemy Lab

🐍 A limited quantity of two in-house errors: BLOODY CORRIDOR, and PSNAKE OIL

👑 To mark the occasion of returning to the tarot, we’ve also revived the 2014 Lilith scent THE HIEROPHANT AND THE EMPRESS.

✔️ REMINDER: The Winter 2020/21 perfumes will be coming down within the week! Along with the January Lunacy offerings. Don’t forget them...

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