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BPAL Madness!

SEA OF GRIEF - New Blood Milk Jewels collab

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This is the very definition of a small-batch fragrance. Stock will be extremely limited, and when it’s gone it’s gone! Available exclusively from bloodmilk this Friday.


Via @bloodmilk on Instagram:

🐚Sea of Grief🐚 In addition to our new mourning strand collection launching this Friday, 3/26, at 3pm EST in our corner of the 🕸 { see previous post }, we’ll also be offering a limited edition of ‘Sea of Grief’, a special perfume oil made by BPALas part of their sister branch, Twilight Alchemy Lab. I asked Beth for a ‘grief balm ‘ and she made a gorgeous oil that can be used in various ways in your personal practices aside from as a perfume. As per Beth:

I have a right to feel my throat choke about this.
You take your grief and I mine—see?

A balm for the soul, this is an oil that assists in healing the acute lacerations of sorrow and loss that both cut and calcify our hearts.

Angelica essential oil and root, carrot seed oil, lavender essential oil and bud, Roman chamomile essential oil and chamomile harvested from the BPAL garden, vetiver root and oil, neroli essential oil, organic Italian bergamot essential oil, and white vegetal musk.

Ritually crafted one full lunation. This oil contains solid plant materia.

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