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BPAL Madness!
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Lone Star Fundraiser!

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BPAL is running a Lone Star Fundraiser!


Texas is enduring an absolutely terrifying winter. Millions of households across Texas are without power or potable water, the water crisis in the state is escalating, and while the icy weather is easing up, the thaw will bring a whole host of new problems.

I have blended three oils to help us raise more funds to help Texans in need. Proceeds from the sale of these three scents - inspired by a few of Texas’ state animals – will benefit the  Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Austin Disaster Relief and Food Bank RGV. BPAL has gotten the ball rolling with preliminary donations to all three orgs.

 Please consider donating directly, or donating to the following organizations, or volunteer if you are able:

Austin Mutual Aid is raising funds for people who are experiencing homelessness.

The Austin Area Urban League is running an emergency donation drive to help obtain shelter and safety for those at risk.

Maximizing Hope is raising money to book hotel rooms and get food and gear for people.

Front Steps is running a blanket drive.

Here are Texas mutual aid funds you can venmo right now:
Austin: @ austinmutualaidhotels
Houston: @ mutualaidhou
Dallas: @ feedthepeopledallas

This is a searchable resource for Texas food banks: https://www.feedingtexas.org/get-help/

A dusty, dry woody scent that manages to be surprisingly flamboyant: white sandalwood, violet leaf, orris root, cardamom pod, and Texas cedar.

He knows what you’ve been up to. Sweet tonka, smoked vanilla, benzoin, labdanum, amber, hay absolute, cacao absolute, and soft brown musk.

This little fella is a whole mood. Cacao, cacao wood, tobacco absolute, and bourbon cream.

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