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BPAL Madness!
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🌹 V-Day Tampon & Pad Drive Benefiting Skid Row 🌹

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In the past, our February events were an opportunity to host a tampon & pad drive benefiting those in our community who don’t have access to these crucial products. This year, since we can’t gather, we’re simply asking folks to donate to Drive-By Do-Gooders directly: https://www.drivebydogooders.org/


Your V-Day gift of $5 or more (why not set up a recurring donation?) will be devoted to these hygiene products, which remain among the most oft-requested items, as well as warm socks to help those living outdoors fend off the winter chill.


DBDG is a local grassroots nonprofit organization that ferries clean water, emergency food supplies, tarps, donated clothing, and other stuff to those living at the margins of Skid Row’s resource supply chain. For more info, or to make your donation, please visit https://drivebydogooders.org.





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