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UPDATE to Order-Combining Policy đź‘€ Please Read

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You know we hate to shake things up, but thanks to the way the pandemic is still pandemicking, we need to adjust course on our order-combining policy, effective immediately.

We work with customers to combine multiple orders whenever possible, to save them the extra shipping fee(s), though we can't guarantee we'll be able to do so in every instance. Going forward, we will no longer issue refunds for these additional shipping fees: instead, if your orders are combined, you will be issued store credit for the additional shipping charge.
The practice of issuing cash refunds requires additional labor which is simply beyond our means at the moment, and we also incur additional expense in the form of processing fees. In the past this has seemed like a small price to pay in service to our customers, especially since we're constantly releasing new products and we don't want to penalize the folks who do the most shopping.
We hope the new store credit policy will adequately address that need — and we know it will free things up on the production end, improving our turnaround time on processing orders and Customer Service requests.
If you have any questions about how the new policy will be implemented, we will do our best to answer. Thanks very much for rolling with the punches as the Lab continues playing Whack-A-Mole with Covid-imposed issues!

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