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BPAL Madness!

Seeking Your BPAL Spotify Playlist Contributions!

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Most of you know the Lab has been having fun making Spotify playlists. We'd like to make one made up entirely from fan contributions! Here's how it will work.
✔️ In this topic, please reply with a song that reminds you of a favorite BPAL perfume. It could be literal, as in same name/title, or suggested by the lyrics, or purely evocative of a mood or aesthetic.
✔️ Only one entry per person, please! Also, if you try to edit or change your answer, we will probably screw it up.
✔️ The song must actually be available on Spotify! Most things are, but not everything is. PLEASE include the song title and artist in your response, for easy searching.
✔️ If two or more people end up suggesting the same song, it will only show up once. That's fine, your inclusion ended up being represented! There's no special consideration for having peed on it first.
✔️ There are no right answers! As a result, the playlist might end up being a frightening cacophony, but it will be OUR frightening cacophony, hammered into shape by DJ Galen.
✔️ Technically we can add more songs to any playlist as time goes on, but I'm going to cap it at responses submitted by the end of the week, FRIDAY JAN. 29TH, so that we're not constantly having to check and update. No worries if you miss out, we can always make another one soon!
Is all of this clear? You're welcome to write me with questions. Thanks very much for playing along!

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