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BPAL Madness!
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BPAL in Sihaya & Company's Winter Box!

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We are thrilled to be a part of Sihaya & Company's Winter Box, Once Upon A Winter Sky! Our contribution is Auriga:

First recorded by Ptolemy, the Charioteer is most often associated with Myrtilus and Erichthonius, and with Athena and Hermes by proxy. Capella, its brightest star, is the star of Amalthea, Zeus’ gentle, nurturing foster-mother.

This scent is set against the backdrop of a winter sky. It is a perfume that seeks to harness the wit and raw potential of Hermes, the wisdom and power of Athena, and the authority and sovereignty of Zeus – tempered by Amalthea’s compassion and mercy, propelled by the self-discipline, willpower, and determination of the Chariot. 

Starry white vegetal musk and a cold winter wind blowing through olive blossom, sweet labdanum, fossilized amber resin, fir needle, fern, balm melissa, champaca, cypress, and white cedar.

The Winter box will go live at 9am Eastern on Friday (the first 25 boxes) and later at 5pm Eastern on Friday (the second 25 boxes). A total of 50 boxes will be sold. Please go to sihayaandcompany.com to purchase!

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