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BPAL Madness!
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Help us welcome Dark Delicacies to their new location!

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Dark Delicacies has reopened at their new location, thanks to the generosity, kindness, and support of the horror, literary, and bibliphile community! Come celebrate with them on May 10 from 7-10pm and check out their new digs!

Dark Delicacies
822 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

We're also introducing a scent to celebrate!

Moss-green sugar spun lace dusted with mandrake root and sweet aged patchouli, dusty cedar, and crushed toadstools with a cauldron-splash of nightshade accord, tobacco flower, green cognac, and woodsmoke -

…plus a pinch of ethically-harvested, locally-sourced vegan eye of newt and toe of frog.

Pick up a bottle at darkdel.com!

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