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BPAL Madness!
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Psst! Two new Laces are live at Dark Delicacies!

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Please help us help ease the strain of their move to a new location! ❤️

And pleasant is the fairy land,

But, an eerie tale to tell,

At the end of every seven years,

We pay a tithe to Hell,

I am so fair and firm of flesh,

I'm feared it be myself.

The scent of twilight in a secluded grove. A tinkle of laughter in the distance echoes through the woods discordantly, and the shadows are thick with menace: a gossamer vanilla lace enveloped in a veil of honeysuckle, wild jasmine, poppy, crushed grass, evergreen, white cognac, white amber, lilac butter, tobacco, indigo musk, and bee balm.

An opium-addled Victorian Easter: sugar-spun vanilla lace, black tea with cream, black tobacco and opium tar, a smear of chocolate, lavender-iced cookie crumbs, wilted tea roses, a burst of pink peony, green cognac, and a lacquered white musk.


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