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** Review Guidelines ** PLEASE READ PRIOR TO POSTING

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The Reviews forum is the primary place at BPAL.org where forum members can share their thoughts on individual BPAL products. We welcome everyone to contribute their experiences and perspectives! However, we ask that you understand and follow some guidelines in order to minimize manual moderation:


1.    Only one review per review topic is allowed, unless you're reviewing a product that has had multiple release years which are listed in the tags for the topic. For example, some Lupercalia, Halloweenie, and Yule scents have been released across multiple years—it’s ok to have a separate post for the Snow White that released in 2017 if you’ve already made a post for the Snow White that released in 2016. We ask that you call out the ‘vintage’ you’re reviewing at the top of your review so it’s clear for moderators and members.


                 As a corollary, if you have an update to a review you’ve already posted, please edit your post rather than creating a new post.


2.    We ask that reviewers not requote the scent description for the product in their review verbatim, unless their post appears as the first post at the beginning of a new page of reviews. This is to prevent redundant copy. If your post is the first post at the top of a new page, we’d appreciate if you would edit your post to include the BPAL scent description (including the formatting). You can simply copy this content from the previous page and paste it in (the formatting should be retained if you don’t select an unformatted paste). If you’re unable to do so or spot a page without a description at the top, please report the post so we can add it.


3.    We have a wide palette for what is considered a ‘substantive review’, but please do say something about how the product and avoid posts that are simply ‘+1!!!!!’ to a previous reviewer. Overwhelmingly, people are browsing the Reviews forum to understand how something smells. Conveying this can occur through so many means—sheer description, a metaphor (‘this smells like a sunset’), a comparison to another product, the way it makes you feel, etc. Readers of reviews respond to so many different kinds of review posts that all takes are useful. But a focus on the product itself is essential.


4.    Conversation about products should happen in the appropriate Chatter topic and not in Reviews. It’s ok to quote a previous reviewer if you're adding some additional text of your own to state your own review/opinion. But posts that seek to discuss without adding a review, ask questions of previous reviewers, and query as to swap/sale availability will be moved out of the Reviews forum or deleted.


5.    If you are the first reviewer in a review placeholder topic, do not report, the scent description will now be the first review post for each scent. Reviews is locked to new posts so we can avoid duplicate topics. 





  • Using an external search engine. Type in [product name] + bpal. For example: ‘Snake Oil bpal’ (minus single quotes).
  • Searching within the Reviews forum or a Reviews sub-forum, using the forum search function (search box can be found in upper-right of forum). A drop-down will appear when you type something in; try selecting ‘Topics’ or ‘This Forum’ alternately to see if one will surface the results you’re looking for.
  • Checking The Hunt for Hard-to-Find Review Topics post.


Additionally, if you know the update release that a product appeared in, you can click on the tag for that release in any review thread to see all the products that appeared in that release. For example: clicking on a ‘Lupercalia 2019’ tag will give you the results for all other topics with that tag.

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