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BPAL Madness!

Miss Nellie Harding Hair Gloss

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…of No. 100 Clinton place, conducts a first class parlor house, with five lady boarders, who are sociable and entertaining.

A sparkle of paste diamonds and a rustle of taffeta: white musk and pale moss, a cluster of peonies, white rose petals, and citrine neroli.

This one is a delicate peony and white rose blends, with a slightly taffeta and citrus undertone. It's pretty, pink, and very elegant. Medium throw and wear length.


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I love the Lab's peony note so had to try this. Miss Nellie Harding HG makes good use of that peony note, and this smells like living well. The white musk and white moss throw a veil over the white rose and peony notes, so they're almost blurred. Because of the florals and the white musk, I think this is the kind of scent that people might call 'soapy' or 'powdery', but to me is retro in the best way. It's very pretty, and would be an excellent hair gloss for me to wear to work, as it smells clean and polished.

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