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The Emperor’s Armor

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Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts.


– John Steinbeck

A talisman against fear: Roman chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, vetiver, and Italian bergamot.

Citrusy chamomile, ylang ylang and a base of frankincense. This is a chamomile-ylang ylang blend, and despite being floral, is more of a gender neutral blend. It's soft, approachable, and comforting. Medium throw, good wear length.

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IN THE IMP: Incense-y and sweet at the same time. Can't place individual notes without looking at the list. Definitely get a gender-neutral vibe.


WET: Surprisingly lovely! It is indeed sweet but not in a foody sense ... more like the sweetness in the air on a sunny, mild day surrounded by lush greenery.


DRYDOWN: There is a strong note in this that I simply can't identify, so apologies for that ... but it's wonderful. Like a lollipop (not fruity) or spun sugar. It's a syrupy sweetness without being the least bit cloying, even if that sounds like a contradiction! It's actually very hypnotic. I keep going back and sniffing my wrist over and over and over again.


RESULT: This is absolutely a keeper for me. I'm frankly amazed how much I love it! And NOTHING like I'd have expected ... soft, sweet, lovely, comforting. Very comforting. Very simple. It makes me feel safe and secure and strong.

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