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BPAL Madness!

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An oil to sharpen your wit, clear away confusion, inspire eloquence, and sharpen rhetoric.

Italian bergamot, steam-distilled organic peppermint oil and peppermint from the TAL garden, star anise essential oil, lavender buds from the TAL garden, and steam-distilled styrax essential oil.

This post is merely a placeholder for future reviews. Whoever is first to review, please report this post using the report button below, so a mod can merge it with yours. Thanks!

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So I've used Mercury's Crescent once or twice, and its a very cool minty-lavender blend. It's both comforting and bolstering at the same time. This blend literally is telling you to keep your cool, as opposed to getting aggravated, which sort of impedes you making any sort of reasonable argument. I've used this on days I've had to successfully argue for what I thought were common sense policies.

As advertised. Use if you want to stay eloquent, and cool as a cucumber.

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