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Mod Note: There is a review topic for Samhainophobia release years 2006-2007, 2011, 2013, and 2016 located here. Per our Review sub-forum topic policy, a new review topic has been created for the 2017 release due to an inexact match with previous release scent description. To be specific, the word 'Haitian' is missing from the 'Haitian vetiver' verbiage used in past scent descriptions. This callout does not indicate knowledge of formulation and is simply provided for transparency on review topics.

Fear of Halloween

Menacing vetiver, patchouli, and clove with a shock of bourbon geranium, grim oakmoss, and dread-inspiring balsams pierce the innocuous scent of autumn leaves.

Would you believe I have never tried this before? I tried Samhain ages ago. It was horrendous on me. Like, shockingly bad. And somehow in my head this got lumped in with it and I avoided it like the plague. BUT THEN Ajevie started doing half decants, and, well...what can I say, I like to try all the things!

Wet: Wow, menacing really is a good word for it. This is HEAVY. Ominous. DARK. I don't hate it, but it's not my thing, yet. It's actually starting to do a burnt plastic thing on my arm, so I'm not really a fan of that.

Dry: Tons of vetiver. It must be pretty strong, as my skin often eats vetiver when it's in among other notes. I actually can't really smell the other notes in this. I am guessing some aging would help everything even out, however I am fairly certain this is one of those scents that is just not for me. Glad to have finally tried it though! (And I do wonder if this was a formulation change this year, or just a word omission.

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