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BPAL Madness!

Coin Trick Nail Polish

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Lime-gold microglitter floating among gold flake. Can be used as a lucky topcoat, or slather on two coats for an opaque treasure chest of gold.

Origin: Straight from the Post

Initial Thoughts: I will never turn down a funky glitterbomb.

In the Bottle: You've seen Pumpkin Spice Everything? Stardust? Nuclear Winter? This is more of the same, but in a background color that can't decide between neon yellow or neon green.

One coat: Even with a practiced hand, I expect that one coat won't be enough glitter unless you want this to top-coat another color. The surface is a bit gritty.


Two coats: This should mostly get the coverage you want. Let the sparkle commence. Not quite as gritty, but still uneven on me. A nail technician could probably get it to be smooth, but I needed a top coat.



Verdict: If you like the BPAL Claw Polish glitterbombs, you'll like this one. I'm not sure I need another bottle, but I did get several compliments wearing it the last few days.

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I love this one. And it is a glitter bomb. I found that if you layer it over a bottom coat of one of the holographic ones (because lets be honest, you know you bought Mr. Wednesday, Becoming Thunder or America's New Gods, if not all of them) ;), that it doesnt take as much to be opaque looking and it helps keep the grit down while still looking like actual shimmering gold.

Here is a pic in sunlight. on the Left it is on top of Becoming Thunder and on the Right atop America's New Gods.




I am using seche vite fast dry top coat here.

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