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BPAL Madness!

America's New Gods Nail Polish

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A gleaming holographic obscuring an earth-brown base.

I'm not typically a nail polish wearer but I bought this on a whim and it's lovely! In indirect light it's coppery and reminds me of a new penny, and when direct light hits it right, the multicolored hologram is extremely vibrant. All of these pictures are with one coat. The texture is smooth, no grit or roughness or glitter.

Thumbnail as a test, with flash

All 5 of left hand with flash

From a little further away and a slightly different angle, trying to show how the hologram colors shift and the base color deepens.

No flash, indoor lighting. My pinky nail here is the closest to that coppery color it has in indirect lighting. sM2dq7I.jpg

And two of the bottle to show the color shift:

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