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Beeswax, tobacco leaf, a whiff of smoke, and purple rose petals.


Wax is such a tricky note on me.. I have had blends where I love it, but many others which it ruined. Need to double check whether those previous loves specified beeswax - honey reliably hates me, so I think that might be where the problem is.

In bottle: Faintly sweet. Honey / beeswax. Already a bit worried.
Wet on me: Huh, that is not what I expected.. Very earthy, almost getting a dirt note (as others have said). Maybe the tobacco leaf? It's not bad, but a weird combination with the sweet wax, to my nose. A bit sour at my skin. Smoke comes out as it dries & kind of ties things together a bit. Not much rose on me.
Dry: On one occasion turned into pretty much straight-up maple syrup - very sweet but still a little earthy. The wax & rose & tobacco in cahoots I think. Beginning to suspect I might like these notes, but not together. On a second try, the sourness was much more prominent in the middle stage, settling down after an hour or so to pleasantly spicy (instead of dirty) tobacco with a touch of rose.

Low in throw & wear length. Did not play well on my skin. Not a keeper for me ultimately, but a good lesson about beeswax.

ETA description.

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In the imp this is a sweet creamy beeswax candy smell with just a hint of powdery rose. I get a very fancy powder room vibe. On the skin the beeswax really shines. The scent is round warm and sweet. I am normally not a big floral fan, but I really enjoy the way the rose plays in this blend. The rose scent is sophisticated and mature, I get the sweet earthiness of dried rose petals. The creamy beeswax sweetens and round out the rose so nicely. Drying down the beeswax just sweetens more and melts into a warm musky skin scent with just a hint of rose. I love this more and more as it settles into the skin. I have trouble picking out the tobacco leaf note, it's definitely not a deep chewy tobacco, or smokey tobacco, so if you are not a tobacco fan don't let that note turn you off. The whiff of smoke is exactly that, a barely distinguishable whiff. There is delicate mustiness that reminds me of a victorian home and the pages of old books. This perfume feels historical and elegant. 


Overall: Feminine, cozy, warm, sweet, sexy. I adore it. :wub2: Medium throw and good wear length, that sweet creamy beeswax sticks around all day! 

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