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Temple of the Raven of War

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When I hear of a Temple to the "Raven of War" I automatically think of the battle crow herself, the Morrígan. Known as the the ancient Irish Goddess of War, she is often associated with fate, especially with foretelling doom and death in battle. In this role she appears as a crow, flying above the battlefield.The Morrígan has thus been likened to the Valkyries of Norse mythology and Norns of Germanic mythology. Of course ravens are also associated with Odin of the Norse, but I digress and feel this scent invokes a more dark, feminine tone.
I went in blind on this as I love Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series version of the Morrígan, whom has a primal, feral nature that should be tread with carefully. Honestly I'm guessing on the notes, but I'm safe in saying there is vetiver here. Not the burned kind but that inky darkness found in Black Moths and A Shadow in the Elevator. I also believe there is plum or a sweeter plum wine note in here as well. Add a bit of some musk and I've got this slinky lady in black feathers. When applied you may spell doom to some, but you'll smell lovely doing it.


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(Note: reviewing for utility,  not scent)


After a year in which it was increasingly clear that The Morrigan was present in my life, and in anticipation of a conflict that I thought might arise, I bought a bottle of Temple of the Raven on War a few months ago. Honestly, I knew I was ordering it too late for it to have come by the date I was concerned about (but interestingly, the situation I was worried about never arose) and so it has sat in my box of "working oils" untouched till today.


After a week of excruciating stress at work, today I was going to be walking into a situation that had the HIGH likelihood of being a complete and utter shitshow, and I just thought of an article I'd read a while ago about The Morrigan being the "goddess of necessary actions". I dabbed some of the oil on all my chakra points, visualized a cloak of black feathers round my shoulders, and headed off to work. And... everything went fine. Honestly, it was still a ridiculously hectic day (work is A LOT right now), but... I could deal. I defused a couple of situations and generally got through the day without the racing heart/choking throat feeling that's gone to work with me for the last several days. It was much needed.


(BTW... for anyone who's tempted to say 'get a different job'... it's complicated...)

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